Jeb Sportsmen’s coalition co-chaired by Johnny Morris, Jimmy Houston, Bill Dance, Roland Martin

Jeb Bush 44 Sportsmen

By Lynn R. Mitchell

“I am honored to have the support of these great Americans and experts when it comes to conservation and sportsmen’s rights. I strongly support the Second Amendment, and I strongly support any American who wishes to be part of our national outdoors heritage. As Governor of Florida, I worked hard to preserve lands and provide a wonderful experience for the Sunshine State’s outdoorsmen and women, and I will do the same as president.” Jeb Bush

The Jeb Bush for President campaign continues to pick up endorsements from various demographics of the population. Today the Bush Sportsmen’s coalition was announced along with some big names in the world of fishing. Below is the press release.

From  the campaign:

Following the announcement of his national Sportsmen’s coalition, Jeb Bush is pleased to welcome Johnny Morris, a conservation leader and legendary outdoor retailer, Jimmy Houston (“America’s favorite fisherman”), fishing legend Bill Dance, and legendary angler Roland Martin to serve as Co-Chairs of the national coalition to rally sportsmen and conservationists to his presidential campaign.

These American conservationist and legendary outdoorsmen say Jeb is the best pick for sportsmen in 2016.

“Advocating for conservation is a lifelong, personal passion for me so I look very closely at candidates for president because their decisions truly matter in this area. I know Jeb Bush will take care of our nation’s land, and he will protect the rights of sportsmen and all Americans to access the wonders our nation has to offer folks who love the outdoors as much as I do,” said Johnny Morris, a legendary outdoor retailer known for his personal commitment and dedication to conservation efforts.

Joining Morris to lead the national coalition is fishing legend Jimmy Houston, who has hosted his own television show for over three decades and is the most decorated professional fisherman in the sport’s history.

“I love the water and I love to fish. And I love public servants like Jeb Bush who have a clear track record of taking care of our waterways and preserving the rights of fishermen and women to engage in our nation’s proud angling tradition. Jeb’s record as Governor on conservation and sportsmen’s issues is unsurpassed, and I have great confidence in what he would do as President of the United States,” Jimmy Houston said. “There simply isn’t a more qualified person in the field on these critical issues.”

“Jeb Bush is the kind of guy that you’d love to spend the day in a boat with.  He’s our kind of fellow. We don’t need a flashy talker, we need a steady hand who knows what the heck he’s doing when it comes to catching fish.  And that’s Jeb Bush.  He’s not going to talk stuff to death, but he is a go-getter who will actually solve problems. He’s a true friend of the outdoorsmen and sportsmen across our great country. I ask America to cast their vote for Jeb and not let a keeper like him get away,” said Bill Dance.

“I am pleased to join my friends Jimmy Houston, Bill Dance, and Johnny Morris in endorsing Jeb Bush for President. I’ve done my share of fishing in Florida, and I know firsthand what a good steward of the environment Governor Bush has been. This nation would do well to have a president as versed in conservation and sportsmen’s issues as Jeb Bush. That’s why I am for him – his unwavering support for those of us who enjoy the outdoors, and his clear track record of getting things done in office,” said Roland Martin.

Jeb Bush has the best record in advancing the interests of sportsmen and conservation.  

  • As the Governor of Florida, he worked with landowners to put into conservation over one million acres of land and led the efforts on Everglades restoration, the world’s largest watershed restoration project.  To preserve hunting lands and hunting opportunities, he signed into law a “No Net Loss of Hunting Lands” policy.  Since the “no net loss” law passed in 2006, Florida has seen acreage for hunting increase by more than 150,000 acres.
  • A life-long angler and fishing proponent, Governor Bush had the opportunity to release the one millionth hatchery-raised redfish into Tampa Bay, showcasing the amazing recovery of that gamefish species.
  • As a pro-active defender of the Second Amendment and gun ownership, his work as governor included passing several pro-Second Amendment pieces of legislation that made Florida a national model for protecting and advancing gun rights, earning him an A+ rating from the NRA.
  • Jeb Bush is one of the only candidates to have a policy for sportsmen and outdoor recreation access.
  • Jeb has proposed to expand the “No Net Loss” policy to federal lands and sportsmen’s access
  • In an effort to make public lands public, he’s advocating a sportsmen’s set aside in the Land and Water Conservation Fund for projects that provide access for hunting, angling and other recreational activities on landlocked federal lands.
  • Governor Bush also proposes taking better care of what we already have and enhancing the maintenance of our forests and National Parks, especially on the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service.  America’s public lands are the backbone of the $646 billion outdoor recreation economy that includes hunting and fishing, camping and hiking.
  • Given the important role that state game and fish commissions play in wildlife management, he’s advocating a “states-first” wildlife conservation policy for protecting and restoring species’ populations.


USA Today: Jeb Bush touts ‘Sportsmen’s Coalition’ for gun rights

Jeb Bush’s Sportsmen Coalition Advisory Committee:

  • Former Governor Bob Riley, Alabama
  • Commissioner Adam Putnam, Florida Department of Agriculture
  • Congressman Jeff Miller, Florida
  • Carlos Alfonso, Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida Board of Directors
  • Weldon F. Baird, Managing Partner, The Baird Group, LLC & Chairman, Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership
  • Former Senator Carey Baker, Owner, AW Peterson Gun Shop, Mount Dora, Florida — the oldest gun shop in America, est. 1886
  • Kathy Barco, former Chair, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
  • Rodney Barreto, Chairman, Fish and Wildlife Foundation of Florida (FWFF) & Former, Chairman, Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission
  • Scott Blackwell, former President, Remington Outdoor Company
  • Bill Bunting, Second Amendment Chair, Republican Party of Florida
  • Mitch Butler, former Deputy Asst. Secretary of the U.S. Dept. of the Interior
  • Don Causey, Editor, The Angling Report and former NRA board member
  • James L. Connaughton, Former Chairman, White House Council on Environmental Quality and Co-Founder, Conservation Leadership Council
  • Dick Corbett, former Chair, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
  • Captain Pam Dana, Professional Deep Sea Charter Operator and Four-time Women’s Cobia Fishing World Champion
  • John Frampton, President, Council to Advance Hunting and the Shooting Sports, Former Director of South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
  • Martin Gonzalez, Executive Editor, Firearms Channel
  • Tio Kleberg, King Ranch Board of Directors (Kingsville, Texas)Scott Leysath, Sporting Chef Productions, Cooking editor, Ducks Unlimited Magazine
  • Dave Morillo, Host, KIOA 93.3 “Cop talk w/Sergeant Dave Murillo” (Iowa)
  • Ambassador John Nau, National Parks Foundation Board of Directors
  • Connie S. Parker, Fish and Wildlife Foundation of Florida Board of Directors
  • Jimmy Patronis, Florida Public Service Commissioner
  • John Pope, Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida (FWFF) Board of Directors
  • Ambassador John D. Rood, Former Chairman, Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, former U.S. Ambassador to Bahamas
  • Nick Seifert, Senior Editor, Outdoor Life Magazine & President/Partner, Fischer Productions, 14-time Emmy Award winning television production company (ESPN,Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel)
  • Melissa Simpson, Former Deputy Undersecretary, US Department of Agriculture
  • George Thornton, CEO, National Wild Turkey Federation and Former South Carolina Chairman of Sportsmen for Huckabee
  • Paul Vahldiek, Jr., Chairman, The High Lonesome Ranch (HLR), President of Deep Water Cay (DWC) chairman and a founding member of the Western Landowners Alliance
  • Will Weatherford, former Speaker, Florida House of Representatives
  • Brian Yablonski , Chairman, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission & Florida Wildlife Conservationist of the Year (2009)

Titles and names of organizations are used for identification purposes only and do not constitute an endorsement by that organization.

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