‘I stand with Bob’ … from The Restoration Fund

Bob McDonnell 11By Lynn R. Mitchell

Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell’s case will be heard by the United States Supreme Court. This was received today:


With the United States Supreme Court’s recent decision to hear Bob’s case, we – and you – have an opportunity to help correct a truly extraordinary injustice. Very soon, the court will scrutinize the law pertaining to Bob’s case and, by doing so, will make a decision that could change the face of American politics.

The question they will decide is: what are normal services and interactions between elected officials and constituents, and what is illegal corruption?

Elected officials serve the people who elected them. This is accomplished in countless ways: meeting with them, attending fundraisers, speaking at luncheons, arranging meetings with staff, inviting them to a reception, or in other similar ways. We hear about these kinds of actions every day in the news, as this is how our government interacts with citizens routinely in our country.

However, these are the very same actions Bob was convicted of. Why was he charged and convicted while others aren’t even questioned? In the last several weeks, for example, why wasn’t Hillary Clinton questioned over her allegedly giving special government access to an investor in a deep-sea mining company with direct ties to her son-in-law?

Further, if the law itself is unconstitutionally vague as to exactly what constitutes official actions, as many legal experts have stated, then how can one be convicted in the first place?

We are so pleased that 11 separate amicus briefs have been filed by bipartisan groups representing 66 former state attorneys general, 31 current governors, 60 Virginia legislators, among others, from both political parties, 183 business and policy leaders, including 3 former governors and former members of congress, Ivy League law professors, civil rights leaders, as well as White House counsel for every president from Reagan to Obama. The 350-plus signers of these briefs are a who’s who of law and politics in America today – names like John Ashcroft and President Obama’s law mentor at Harvard, Charles Ogletree, plus former White House counsel for President Obama, Greg Craig, and John M Quinn, Counsel to President Bill Clinton. This list of notable supporters, all calling for the court to overturn the conviction, is unprecedented.

Fortunately, we now have the opportunity to ask the Supreme Court to make it right, and we need your help to raise our goal of $1 million to fund the critical briefs and arguments in the U.S. Supreme Court this April. 100% of your donation to the Legal Defense Fund will go towards our efforts to put together the very best presentation possible.

Together we can help correct this extraordinary injustice! Please click on the “Donate” button now at www.therestorationfund.com and make a contribution.

The Restoration Fund

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One thought on “‘I stand with Bob’ … from The Restoration Fund

  1. Eula Lucy says:

    Lynn, we received this same message. We had sent $50 just a couple of weeks ago. Mom

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