Latest polls show Jeb in 2nd place on eve of NH primary

Jeb Bush 50By Lynn R. Mitchell

Tuesday is the New Hampshire primary, and tonight finds presidential candidate Jeb Bush coming in second in the latest polls. Behind Donald Trump, of course. What is it with people who are still supporting that man?

Anyway, by 6pm Monday the headline on the Drudge Report told the news. The Emerson poll results showed Jeb closing with strong momentum — that’s Jeb-mentum in Bush circles — on his side.

Trump 31% 
Bush 16% 
Kasich 13% 
Rubio (collapse) 12% 
Cruz (collapse) 11% 

In politics, when it comes down to the wire, the numbers start breaking toward one candidate. I hope what we’re seeing tonight is the numbers breaking for Governor Bush. With a solid ground game in New Hampshire canvassing the state in the snow leading up to tomorrow’s primary, the Bush campaign has certainly worked hard.

#AllinforJeb #Jebmemtum #TeamJeb #NeverGiveUp

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One thought on “Latest polls show Jeb in 2nd place on eve of NH primary

  1. Calvin Lucy says:

    Pollsters did a lousy job in Iowa. Let’s hope these are better. The fact that so few people (mostly older) are the only ones using wire lines, this event may change the way polling is done completely in the future. Tonight will tell. YLSF

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