Post Super Bowl 2016 observations

Super Bowl 50By Lynn R. Mitchell

It’s Monday morning after the Super Bowl and I once again ask the age-old question: Why don’t they hold the big game on Saturday or, at the very least, earlier in the day on Sunday? For those who work, it’s tough heading to work this morning. If they are insistent on having it on Sunday, what about 3pm which would be noon on the west coast, and everyone could party and then get home at a reasonable hour before facing Monday. Oh, well. I’ve been saying this for years so they won’t listen to me.

I posted to my Facebook page this morning:

Denver Broncos 3 Peyton

Congratulations to the DENVER BRONCOS on winning Super Bowl 50! The steady hand and seasoned experience of the “old” guy who led his team to victory can be applied to all walks in life, and is bittersweet as many speculate it may be Peyton’s last game of his career. After an exceptional season, the CAROLINA PANTHERS came up short in the big game but that does not diminish their accomplishments and the pride they instilled in their fans. The dream Super Bowl for me was my two favorite teams playing each other. This was it. ‪#‎SB50‬ ‪#‎NeverGiveUp‬

So here are a few observations from last night’s game.

Best moment of the night: Showing our military forces in Afghanistan where they gathered to watch the game.

Second best moment of the night: The introduction of the Super Bowl MVPs throughout the past 50 years. Seeing familiar faces and hearing names from the past, it was thrilling to watch former sports heroes walk onto the field, often eliciting a loud cheer from me.

Lady Gaga nailed the National Anthem: This lady can sing! I will admit to being put off in the past by her outrageous outfits and performances but for several years I’ve seen her talent. During Christmas 2015 she and Tony Bennett sang “Baby It’s Cold Outside” in those iconic Barnes & Noble television holiday ads, and her Super Bowl performance was all that and more. Every musical note hit and embraced, the words lingering and hovering in the air as the pride of a nation was expressed by a petite lady in a red pants outfit, blue fingernails, sparkly red eye shadow, and the big blond hair. This version goes down with the best.

Military Blue Angels Flyover: Whose heart doesn’t swell when the American Air Force is on display? My Air Force vet husband becomes a 20-something once again. But it went beyond the pre-game opening because, unbeknownst to most, Air Force jets patrolled the air space over and around the stadium before, after, and throughout the big game.

Cam and the National  Anthem: Okay, I have to say this. During the National Anthem, as Peyton Manning and most of those in the stadium respectfully stood with hands over hearts, Cam stood beside his coach with both hands holding his collar, eyes closed, swaying to the music. No hand over heart. I want to chalk it up to nerves and trying to keep his head in the game.

The Panthers underwhelmed: After such a strong season, many — even Denver fans — thought Carolina would dominate Super Bowl 50. It never happened. Denver scored early and never let go of the lead while Carolina looked disconnected and out of sync with the game.  I’m sure there are plenty of football pundits who have in-depth analysis but as someone who wanted to see the Panthers win their first Super Bowl, it was disappointing. Cam is 26 … he has miles to go and plenty of time to take his team to victory.

Peyton Manning ruled: The “old” man carried the night, and deservedly so. At 39, many have speculated that this may be Peyton’s last game of his football career. The sentimental favorite did not disappoint, using his experience and talent to lead his fellow players to a win. It showed that, no matter the walk in life, sometimes we need the “old” guys for what they can lend to the game.

Halftime entertainment: In keeping with halftime shows in the past couple of decades, it was a toe-tapping halftime event with entertainment by Coldplay, with Bruno Mars and Beyonce in an energetic sing-out on stage at center field. Fireworks, multi-colored flags, and cards held by spectators in the stands (couldn’t see what they spelled out) were topped by the flashback video of past Super Bowl entertainers including Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Katy Perry, Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney, and James Brown as well as many more throughout the years.

Super Bowl ads: It’s always something to look forward to especially during the years when our favorite teams aren’t on the field. Maybe it was me this year — maybe I was just so into the game that the commercials didn’t make an impression — but I wasn’t overwhelmed by any of them, and it was disappointing to not have any Clydesdales. Where were the Clydesdales with their heart-warming, sometimes heart-tugging, sometimes patriotic ads? One Budweiser clip only briefly showed an extreme close-up of horse heads. Also, no M&M ads. Ms. Brown, Miss Green, Red, Yellow, and all the others … we missed the chocolate.

Here are a few of the ads:

Favorite: Alexa by Amazon. The kids have one of these in their house and it’s fun to command Alexa, whether asking for the weather forecast or requesting Christmas music while baking holiday goodies. Who knew it would be so much fun to talk to a cylinder on the counter top?

Back to the future: Pokemon.

Prius: No. It made our hard-working police officers who put their lives on the line every day in communities across America, look like a bunch of keystone cops. I don’t care for advertisers making cops out as the bad guys.

Doritos ultrasound: No. Just, no.

Mountain Dew: Weird. Puppymonkeybaby. Over and over.

Honda truck: Okay, the singing sheep were kind of funny. Featured Queen’s “Somebody to Love.”

Audi astronaut ad: Nostalgic for space travel. Not bad.

George W. Bush’s ad for Jeb: Aired in New Hamphire just two days before Tuesday’s primary, the ad by President Bush for his younger brother is a keeper and will also be aired in South Carolina leading up to their February 20 primary.

Peter Finocchio - Jeb Bush

Governor Jeb Bush & Peter Finocchio

And, finally, the pièce de résistance came from Peter Finocchio, one of the Jeb Bush for President workers who graduated from the University of Virginia and who has had boots on the snowy ground of New Hampshire for weeks knocking doors and distributing bright red Jeb! signs to local voters. He posted this pic to Facebook of him with Governor Bush at a Super Bowl party at one of the local pubs in Manchester, NH. No one was more deserving.

Now Super Bowl 50 is in the history books and we have five months before players report to training camps to begin the cycle all over again.

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