Hey Donald Trump — President George W. Bush kept America safe

George W. Bush bullhorn speechBy Lynn R. Mitchell

We will not waver; we will not tire; we will not falter, and we will not fail. Peace and freedom will prevail.
-President George W. Bush

When the tea party movement began in Augusta County in 2009, there was a big rally at Expoland in Fishersville. The venue was filled with fiscally conservative voters who were upset that Obamacare was being jammed down their throats. As I stood in the back of the packed room talking with friends, the speaker on stage turned what had begun as an anti-Obamacare rally into a 9/11 conspiracy theory rally.

My friends and I looked at each other. Did we really hear the speaker blame George W. Bush and the American government for the terrorism attacks of 9/11 that killed 3,000 innocent souls? It was the first I had heard of a subset of people who were spreading those lies, and it was as if a smoke bomb had gone off in the hall. On cue, several hundred people rose from their chairs and exited the building like a fire drill.

America did not believe those lies then. American does not believe those lies now.

But apparently Donald Trump does.

Listening to Trump’s out-of-control performance at last night’s Republican debate, it was difficult to believe a couple of things. First, he is running as a Republican. And second, while standing on stage at a Republican debate, Trump repeated Democratic talking points by blaming a Republican wartime president, George W. Bush, for the 9/11 terrorism attacks.


Please, South Carolina, please … stop this madness! Please be the state that soundly rejects Donald Trump.

Losing his cool last night, Trump used George W. Bush as a means to attack his brother, presidential candidate Jeb Bush, who was standing on stage. It was a cowardly attack — why not debate Jeb on his own merits? He is, after all, an accomplished eight-year governor of Florida with a proven record. But his record of leadership is so sound that Trump has had to resort to underhanded attacks, including the one on George W.

Trump’s attacks on the former president will probably not make an iota of difference to his followers who have closed their ears to anything he says and appear to be blindly backing an unknown, untested candidate with no record and no respect for anyone. Anyone. Before lashing out at President Bush last night, Trump had attacked the Pope earlier in the week. Is there no one he won’t insult?

Much of the nation knows the answer to that question.

It’s difficult but somewhat understandable that young people who were little kids when 9/11 hit don’t totally understand the tragedy of that event. However, it’s something entirely different when a 69-year-old man, who wants to be president of the United States and who lived in New York City when the Twin Towers came crashing down, doesn’t get it. He has no excuse. None.

Even after two hours of heated exchanges with Trump taunting and talking over not only Govenor Bush but others on the stage, Trump couldn’t let go. After the debate, when Jeb reached out to shake hands with the billionaire bully, Trump refused, and turned and walked away.

That is what his supporters want representing America to the world.

South Carolina, we are counting on you. Please save America by stopping Trump.

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