Ohio Governor John Kasich is choice now that Jeb is out

By Lynn R. Mitchell

It’s barely been 48 hours since Governor Jeb Bush announced he was suspending his 2016 presidential campaign, and I’ve got some thoughts.

I had my Top 3 presidential candidates, a decision that was made after researching all the candidates and narrowing it down to the ones that were most closely affiliated with my beliefs and principles … and, as usual, I fell in behind the governors. Number one was Jeb Bush. Number two was John Kasich, and number three was Chris Christie. Since numbers one and three are now out of the race, I will support Governor Kasich of Ohio.

Most Bush supporters I know have gone to Kasich. Some have gone to Rubio whose supporters have been particularly condescending in expecting everyone to move into their camp. With that in mind, this was interesting:

BUSH DONORS SLOW TO MOVE TO RUBIO: The New York Times reports that after Jeb Bush’s disastrous seven percent showing in South Carolina, Rubio allies are pressing Jeb’s donors to join him in an effort to stop Donald Trump. But:

Republicans aware of the conversations taking place among many of the party’s biggest financiers on Sunday described a wariness from many Bush supporters who felt burned by having given so much to a losing cause….There was little evidence of either a partywide distress call or donors moving off the bench en masse toward Mr. Rubio, who has positioned himself to be the most palatable and electable remaining option for the Republican elites.

The lack of urgency is surprising, given that there is barely more than a week to go until Super Tuesday awards 595 delegates in a series of contests in which Trump is expected to clean up.

This race is not over and there are still five candidates in contention. In time, each will know what to do as the upcoming primaries unfold.

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