Max Lucado: ‘Decency for President’

DecencyBy Lynn R. Mitchell

Perhaps one of the most effective articles I have read in defense of not supporting Donald Trump this presidential season is from best-selling Christian author and writer Max Lucado who is also pastor at Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas. Known as “America’s Pastor,” his name is respected far and wide in the Christian community and byond; his books populate the book shelves in my home as well as many others.

Max Lucado generally does not get into politics. Until now. He explained to Christianity Today why he broke his silence:

“… it’s not so much a question about particular policies or strategies about government or even particular opinions. It’s a case of public derision of people. It’s belittling people publicly. It would be none of my business, I would have absolutely no right to speak up except that he repeatedly brandishes the Bible and calls himself a Christian.”

And so he put pen to paper and shared a piece, “Decency for President,” that has gone viral and is being shared far and wide, published on his website as well as the Washington Post. Using the analogy as a dad with three daughters, he compared checking out his daughters’ dates to see if they were decent — i.e., treat them with kindness and respect, bring them home on time, decent in language, actions, and decisions — with America checking out a presidential candidate to see if he/she is decent.

In Mr.  Lucado’s analogy, presidential candidate Trump failed miserably. He explained:

I don’t know Mr. Trump. But I’ve been chagrined at his antics. He ridiculed a war hero. He made mockery of a reporter’s menstrual cycle. He made fun of a disabled reporter. He referred to the former first lady, Barbara Bush as “mommy,” and belittled Jeb Bush for bringing her on the campaign trail. He routinely calls people “stupid,” “loser,” and “dummy.” These were not off-line, backstage, overheard, not-to-be-repeated comments. They were publicly and intentionally tweeted, recorded, and presented.

Such insensitivities wouldn’t even be acceptable even for a middle school student body election. But for the Oval Office? And to do so while brandishing a Bible and boasting of his Christian faith? I’m bewildered, both by his behavior and the public’s support of it.

He noted that Trump supporters have stressed they are angry, writing, “As one man said, ‘We are voting with our middle finger.’ Mr. Lucado then added:

Sounds more like a comment for a gang-fight than a presidential election. Anger-fueled reactions have caused trouble ever since Cain was angry at Abel.

As a voter, I thank Mr. Lucado for his courage to stand up and publicly speak out at a time when many are not due to fear of repercussions from the angry Trump supporters, political repercussions, maybe financial repercussions — the fear is real.

Please take a few minutes to read “Decency for President” and consider that the president of the United States will be our representative not only in Washington but to the world. Our responsibility is to choose wisely.

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