Former AG Jerry Kilgore replaces Snyder as RPV Finance Chair

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Former Attorney General Jerry Kilgore is no stranger to Virginia politics, and now he will again actively step in to help the Republican Party of Virginia as their new Finance Chairman.

Kilgore, who has served the Republican Party in many capacities throughout his almost forty years of activism in Republican Party politics, was instrumental in precinct organization in Scott County before being elected to serve as the Ninth Congressional Committee Chair in Southwestern Virginia. He served as RPV Counsel for four years, engaging with Party leaders and activists on organizational and legal issues.

He has served as a Finance Chair and Co-Chair for many statewide candidates, including former Governor Bob McDonnell and gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli. Kilgore was the State Co-Chair for the presidential campaigns of former President George W. Bush and U.S. Senator John McCain, and most recently supported presidential candidate Jeb Bush. Throughout the years he has served in leadership positions in a number of other local, state, and national campaigns.

During the administration of Governor George Allen, Kilgore served as Secretary of Public Safety, overseeing the eleven public safety agencies in Virginia. In 2001, he was elected attorney general, and was the Virginia Republican nominee for Governor in 2005. He currently serves as a Senior Advisor at McGuire Woods Consulting, co-chairing the Multistate Practice area.

In a press release Friday, RPV’s chairman John Whitbeck commented on Kilgore’s new position, noting that Kilgore has been on the front lines of the grassroots conservative movement his entire adult life.

Kilgore is replacing Pete Snyder who is stepping down from the position.

On Friday, Jerry Kilgore expressed gratitude for the opportunity to help the party, noting, “I welcome the challenge to serve as RPV Finance Chairman. Having served as a District Chair, RPV Counsel and as the Party’s nominee for statewide office, I understand that we need a strong grassroots organization coupled with solid financial backing to ensure our Republican nominees win elections. I look forward to working with the Chairman and RPV to craft a successful fundraising campaign.”

Together with the Republican National Committee and the National Republican Congressional Committee, the Party has put in place its largest and most innovative field effort ever. Dozens of paid staff and hundreds of volunteers are already on the ground working to elect Republican members of Congress and take back the White House.

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