It’s our day

Two kids, one cat, two states, and four houses later, he still likes me after all these years. I found a keeper. Happy anniversary to Mr. Mitchell….

One thought on “It’s our day

  1. POLLY says:

    Congratulations to both of you – enjoy every one – Loren and I were married 67 years, although he did not remember the last several.

    I have not made up my mind to go to the Convention on Saturday, I am still remembe about the several years of insurgency into the organization. I spent 50 years of my time, resources and contriburions to build a stable organization – now it all seems to be gone. The Tea Party and Libertarians should be pround of themselves. I am sick to the stomach everytime I hear Trump saying nasty stuff and accusing the Party that it is rigged. In all of my life, I never heard anyone of his caliber make such a statement. If he did’nt know the rules he should have stayed out. Just believe that I am totally upset. I see Cuccinelli is spporting Cruz and Whitfield – what does that tell me. Have a wonderfuil weekend.

    Fondly – Polly

    PS – we need a screening committee to assure every candidate meets the Party’s requirements – too many just walking in off\ the street = I am seen so many in the State Party and we always lost – just like people represinting Cuccinelli and Cruz. Like Cuccinelli, I will hold my nose and vote for Trump if he is the nominee. But I am routing for John K.

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