2016 RPV Convention … photos #2

DSCN0969 (2)
Ed Gillespie for Governor 2017

DSCN0973 (2)
Willie Deutsch

DSCN0976 (3)
Matt Colt Hall and Martha Boneta (Paris Barns)

DSCN0978 (2)
Trixie Averill and Georgia Long

DSCN0986 (3)
John Adams for Attorney General 2017

DSCN0988 (2)
John Fredericks Radio Show and Rollin Reisinger with Bearing Drift

DSCN0991 (2)
John Fredericks and Matt Colt Hall with Bearing Drift

DSCN0996 (2)

DSCN0999 (2)
Richard Crouse and Matt

DSCN1000 (2)

DSCN1002 (2)

DSCN1004 (2)
The third candidate in the National Committeewoman’s race.

Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell and Alex Davis


One thought on “2016 RPV Convention … photos #2

  1. Mike Lowry says:

    This is the third VA State Convention I have been at and they get worse and worse each time. I have seen better organized pillow fights! So much dead time due to poor planning, a “unity slate” that was a joke and an insult to the people who voted in the primary, a hospitality reception in way to small of room and area, and instead of people leaving united, the GOP was left split and divided.

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