Schapiro snipes, voter defends McDonnell

Bob McDonnell

Photo by Lynn R. Mitchell

Political reporter Jeff Schapiro heard the optimistic news coming out of the Supreme Court last week so took that opportunity to swipe at former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell. I won’t bother to regurgitate what he said but you can find it in his Sunday column in the Richmond Times-Dispatch. He echoes what has been heard from other news outlets and armchair prosecutors the past two years.

It is unfortunate the way some media redefine those who end up in the news.  The old saying, “Where do you go to get your reputation back?” is especially true of Bob McDonnell and his family. Such is the world we live in when the real bad guy receives protection from the federal government.

A friend took note of Mr. Schapiro’s column and wrote a response in Governor McDonnell’s defense. With permission, his letter to Mr. Schapiro is below:

Mr. Shapiro, good morning, and whoa!

In your column, you rubber-stamped a commonly reported narrative of erroneous and misleading bullet points designed to further denigrate Bob McDonnell’s character and reputation. You chose to rake him over the coals, SCOTUS’s expressed concerns notwithstanding. And  we know he can’t hold a candle to his successor, when it comes to breaching trust or usurping the power of one’s office.

I’ve never met either of our governors. But I have followed closely the details and chronology of the politically motivated witch hunt leading up to McDonnell v. United States. And, based on how he has dealt with these allegations, amidst the horrible toll it has taken on his family, I’d place my confidence in Bob McDonnell’s moral fiber any day, compared to some of the other elected talent out there. And I think the media really owe him an act of apology.

Donald Laslie

As we all wait for the Supreme Court’s decision to be announced in June, those who support Bob McDonnell continue to speak out on behalf of a good man. For more information about the McDonnell case, see The Restoration Fund.


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