Memorial Day 2016 … we remember

Memorial Day 1

Memorial Day 2016 … freedom is not free.


3 thoughts on “Memorial Day 2016 … we remember

  1. C.T. Lucy, Jr. says:

    If it hadn’t been for those A-bombs, you would add another 1/2 million to that 405,000+ for WWII, probably including me as we in the Navy were training for the invasion of Japan. Cost to Japan about 5 million military and civilian. No apology from me !!

    • I totally agree. The 70-years-later armchair quarterbacks don’t know their history, and they certainly did not live through the tragedies of those years. Our president has gone a step too far (again), and his timing was atrocious.

  2. C.T. Lucy, Jr. says:

    WW2 lasted 4+ years with 405,000+ casualties, The Iraq war lasted 10+ years with 4404 casualties. A bit of context could be added here, without disparaging a single life lost in Iraq; On D-Day on the Normandy beaches, we lost way more than 4404 men, in fact that many may have been lost in the first 45 minutes on the US beaches alone. Sobering thought !!!.

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