Trump fails to fill Richmond Coliseum for Friday campaign rally

Pictures and reports show that the Donald Trump rally in Richmond, Virginia, Friday night failed to fill the 12,000-seat Coliseum. This is a campaign that is used to turning people away at the door.

Here are Tweets with photos leading up to and after the rally began (see PHOTOS: Donald Trump’s Richmond rally draws unusually small crowd).

The Hill reported, ” ‘This arena is 25 percent full at best. No line outside either,’ the tweet said, with 30 minutes until the scheduled start time”  (see Trump’s Virginia rally draws smaller crowd).

Some reports said the crowd filled one-quarter to one-half of the venue, far below its maximum seating. The Washington Post wrote, “A half-full coli­seum erupted into Indian war whoops as Donald Trump called a U.S. senator ‘Pocahontas’ on Friday at a rally here, where the mogul-candidate was back to his teleprompter-free ways” (see Trump apologizes for Pocahontas remark — to Pocahontas).

There will surely be more on this as pundits speculate on the reasons Trump was off his mark in Virginia’s capital city.

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One thought on “Trump fails to fill Richmond Coliseum for Friday campaign rally

  1. James N. Bridgeman says:

    As a Republican, I am embarrassed by Donald Trump. Calling someone names in order to get a response is simply not the way a presidential candidate should act.
    Perhaps the Republican convention should adopt an “electable” rule. The nominee must be able to articulate the party’s message (#1 is fiscal responsibility by a Constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget), must be someone who can win the support of the American people, and who, personally, represents American values.
    I have not heard Donald Trump talk on any Republican Party platform matter. Donald Trump was unopposed for the last 9 primary states, yet could only poll between 60 and 81% of the vote! Trump only got about 47% of the popular vote in the primaries, the other 53% peing split 16 ways! Recent polls show Donald Trump’s DISapproval rating rising and show Trump losing ground vs Hillary. Trump is even viewed with more disfavor than President Obama ever was! I don’t think one billion in political ads can dig Trump out of the hole his mouth has dug for him!
    For the last two weeks a PAC has been running anti-Trump ads in Richmond. I’m sure that played a large roll in the low rally turnout in Richmond.
    I listened to the video of the rally in Richmond, and I got the impression that most of the attendee’s came to hear Trump call people names and say things that they wish they could say. Not very “Presidential”.
    When the candidate chosen during the primary season begins losing support, even from his early supporters, and is viewed unfavorably by a majority of Americans, that person is not “electable” and should not receive the Republican Party nomination for President.

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