Sheriff Mike Wade’s strong, optimistic leadership needed for 4th District – UPDATED

Updated: Sheriff Mike Wade turns in decisive win in 4th District.Mike Wade 1

In a scrambled congressional landscape, Virginia’s district lines have been redrawn in 2016 with no incumbent in the 4th District. The Virginian-Pilot noted, “The revised 4th District is more compact than its previous incarnation, with the furthest boundary moving east. It now includes Richmond and Petersburg, which means the center of power has shifted from Hampton Roads.”

Voters will be looking for someone with strong, proven leadership when they go to the polls on Tuesday, June 14.

Henrico Sheriff Mike Wade‘s feet-on-the-ground, common sense law enforcement experience is needed now more than ever. For more than four decades, the last 17 as sheriff of one of the largest police forces in the Commonwealth, he has worked for the people he serves, building a record of more efficient government, less bureaucratic burden, and fiscal conservatism and responsibility. In a year when the public is demanding a changes in the way things are done, Wade knows what it takes to get the job done in Washington and for Virginians.

“I have never wavered in my goal to practice what I preach as a pro-life, pro-gun, smaller government conservative,” he noted on his website. “Now I want to take those core conservative values and record of common sense solutions to our nations Capitol where I will put them to work to bring about real and honest change. Just having a resume is not enough.”

Wade doesn’t just talk the talk. His actions back him up. When there were law enforcement issues that were of concern in Henrico, Wade worked with legislators to find common sense and practical solutions, always with the public’s safety in mind while consistently looking to avoid over-regulation.

Mike Wade has found help for those struggling with mental health and substance abuse problems. He looks at illegal immigration through the eyes of someone in law enforcement — a second-to-none understanding of physical security which he will apply to America’s immigration problem. He will work to secure the border and has a very doable and reasonable immigration solution which places those who are here illegally on a five-year probation with stipulations such as paying back taxes, holding a job, passing a background check, and community service. It provides a criminal sanction for those breaking the law while giving hope for the future.

“From my unique work as a police officer and as Sheriff I have had the chance to see people at their worst and at their best. With that perspective I gained an appreciation for the strength of the human spirit and the need not just for punishment but, as the bible says, for redemption,” he said.

Experience counts. Those who know him best have endorsed, putting their names and reputations behind him. When looking for leadership in the 4th, the Virginian-Pilot endorsed Mike Wade and wrote, “Wade is miles away the better choice.” They added that his opponent’s “ambition far outweighs her experience and abilities to be effective in Congress.”

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2 thoughts on “Sheriff Mike Wade’s strong, optimistic leadership needed for 4th District – UPDATED

  1. C.T. Lucy, Jr. says:

    Sounds like a good person man/woman for the job. It’s going to interesting to see how this effects the Bratty 7th, and who takes the 2nd and what happens to the 1st. Chesterfield may remain the sole republican bastion —-maybe. Too many radicals moving in NOVA.

  2. […] It was a decisive win. At the end of the day when votes were counted and the results were known, Henrico Sheriff Mike Wade had won the Republican nomination in the 4th Congressional District. (See Henrico Sheriff Mike Wade’s strong, optimistic leadership needed for the 4th District.) […]

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