Primary vs Convention Roll Call

The main event at the Republican Party of Virginia’s State Central Committee (SCC) meeting on Saturday was the vote for a 2017 primary or convention with the final vote 41-40 in favor of a primary. Here is the roll call vote.

1st District: All voted for convention — Bob Watson, Allen Webb, Carol Dawson, Steve Albertson, Larry Kile, Eric Herr

2nd District: Stephen Corazza was absent. All others voted for primary — Ashley McLeod, Jeff Ryer, Carolyn Weems, Dennis Free

3rd District: All for primary — Bill Coburn, Carol De Triquet, Steve Trent, Jennifer Lee

4th District: Convention — Pete Burkhimer; Primary — Carey Allen, Kishore Thota, Janet Riddick, Barbara Tabb, Jack Wilson

5th District: Convention — JoAnne Holden, Renee Maxey, Ed Yencho, Travis Witt, Lynn Tucker; Primary — Clara Wheeler

6th District: All voted Convention — Nate Boyer, Joseph Sonsmith, Steve Troxel, Gene Rose, Anne Fitzgerald, Scott Sayre

7th District: Convention — Nancy Smith, Susan Lascolette, Dewey McDonnell, Mark Hile, Ben Slone; Primary — Ron Hedlund

8th District: Convention — Mark Kelly; Primary — David Foster, Sandy Liddy Bourne, Brian Rabbit

9th District: Convention — Susan Edwards; Primary — Michelle Jenkins, Corey Scott, Kevin Corbett, Marcy Hernick, Adam Tolbert

10th District: Convention — Heidi Stirrup, Julie Williams, Eve Gleason, Mark Sell, Jo Thoburn; Primary — Puneet Ahluwalia

11th District: Convention — Freddy Burgos, Paul Prados; Primary — Kyle McDaniel, Ryan Rauner

CRFV Chairman Ben Dessart: Primary

CRFV First Vice-Chairman Nadia Elgendy: Primary

CRFV Second Vice-Chairman Jack Koltisko: Primary

Eastern Vice Chairman Mr. Kevin Gentry: Convention

Eastern Vice Chairwoman Diana Banister: Convention

Finance Chairman Jerry Kilgore: Primary

First Vice Chairman Michael Thomas: Primary

House Caucus St. Cen. Rep. Hon. Jimmie Massie: Primary

National Committeeman Morton Blackwell: Convention

National Committeewoman Cynthia Dunbar: Convention

RPV Chairman John Whitbeck: Abstain

Secretary Jill Cook: Primary

Senate Caucus SCC Rep Hon. Siobhan Dunnavant: Primary

StCen Caucus Rep. Hon. John Cosgrove: Primary

StCen Caucus Rep. Hon. Jackson Miller: Convention

Treasurer John Selph: Primary

VFRW President Ellen Nau: Primary

VFRW SCC Rep Mrs. Miki Miller: Primary

VFRW SCC Rep Elizabeth Munday: Primary

Western Vice Chairman Wendell Walker: Primary

Western Vice Chairwoman Dr. Nancy Dye: Primary

YRFV President Dan Webb: Convention

YRFV SCC Rep Jeff Wernsing: Convention

YRFV SCC Michael Wood: Convention


One thought on “Primary vs Convention Roll Call

  1. Mike Lowry says:

    The last State Convention was enough to convince me to support primaries. We got to see how a small group in power positions can over rule the majority. Conventions do not allow for poor, unemployed, working, suffering from health problems, elderly and MOST IMPORTANT, the brave men and women serving in the US military a voice in the candidate selection. Conventions have given way to primaries. Time to put the “smoke filled rooms” in the dustbin of history and move into the 21st century. I salute those voting for primaries.

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