If Jeb were the nominee

Jeb BushAs I listened to Donald Trump use ISIS as his safe space every time he didn’t know the answer to a question during Sunday’s presidential debate with Hillary Clinton, it reminded of one of the original seventeen candidates, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, and his deep and intense knowledge of policy plus his boots-on-the-ground experience from eight years serving the citizens of Florida.

If Jeb had been our nominee, we would not have had the just-released audio tape with Trump making lewd comments directed against women in the most crude of ways. We would have a man who would have known policy to the nth degree in Sunday’s debate, and would have been able to meet Hillary eye-to-eye … and rise above. He would not be facing lawsuits, possibly more damaging tapes in the remaining four weeks until election day, nor the revolt of fellow Republican leaders calling for him to step down. Jeb as a lifelong Republican would not be an embarrassment to the GOP.

The civility is very much missed. The respect is very much missed as is the truthfulness and honesty.

Will we ever again have a respectable candidate to represent the Republican Party?

Photo by Lynn R. Mitchell


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