The Gleaming Giant Lording Over My Kitchen

refrigerator-freezerThere’s a stainless steel giant in my kitchen. It’s our new side-by-side refrigerator-freezer. But this isn’t a post about a new refrigerator … it’s a post about having an appliance that is smarter than we are. And about bargains.

We didn’t decide to buy a new fridge just because we wanted something new. Our old one that was over twenty years old was in need of life support after we found frozen items thawing, and the refrigerator side wasn’t do its job of cooling edibles.


A trip to the appliance store was eye-opening. If you haven’t bought a fridge in the past 20 years, it’s a new world out there. They are larger, more energy efficient, and made up of panels and switches that make it feel almost as if a degree is required to operate.  Almost.

There are multiple lights inside both the fridge and freezer sides. You could host Disney on Ice inside with all those spotlights. What happened to the single, bare light bulb in the back? They’re LED lights, too, that we’re told will last forever, or pretty darn close.

The freezer has a computer-type screen on the front that announces the temperature of the fridge and freezer, on display for all to see. That’s accompanied with a menu of options including variety of freezing choices, when to change the water filter or time to change the air filter (yes, it has an air filter!), and more. The water-ice dispenser on the door has its own illumination and offers three choices: water, cube ice, or crushed ice. Drawers on the fridge side cool separately.

I am awed.

It’s not a perfect gleaming giant. After looking at a dozen models, we finally made a decision about the one we wanted only to discover they were out of that very one. Figures. But wait! They told us they had one almost exactly like it with a different model number … but there was a problem. It had a dent, and was rejected when previously delivered to its first supposed owners who refused the damaged gleaming giant.

Would we be interested in that model, the clerk asked, if he knocked off a hundred dollars for the dent.

Money makes me sit up and listen. The model was already on sale and marked down $400. With another $100 off, that would definitely be a deal. A dent on the door? We decided we could live with it.

The delivery guys rushed it on the truck since we were considered an “emergency” situation with a refrigerator at home gasping for its last breath.  We were the last delivery later in the day as they pulled up to the house, unloaded the wrapped-up monster, squeezed it through the front door, and settled the gleaming giant in the kitchen. When they unwrapped the protective materials from around it, we realized there wasn’t just the dent. There were two more.

We stared. We walked to one side, and then to the other. Phooey, we decided, those things were barely noticeable. But they were dings so we asked if there would be more compensation if we kept it.

Another hundred dollars was knocked off the price. Final price was almost half off the original. I smiled. That made the imperfect appliance much easier to accept. I love a bargain.

So now we have a gleaming new appliance in our kitchen, larger and more efficient than the old one, but also more efficient and smarter than us.

Now the other appliances look shabby.

Looks like we may be replacing two more 20-year-old appliances at some point. If so, I hope we find equal bargains as the one we now have residing in the kitchen.

Wanted: Stove and dishwasher. Dings acceptable.

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