He’s back: Bob Beckel Returns Today To ‘The Five’


Bob Beckel, one of my favorite Democrats, is returning to “The Five” at Fox News.

This is good news. Bob and Dana Perino, along with Greg Gutfeld, Eric Bolling, and Kimberly Guilfoyle, made for entertaining and lively discussion each afternoon at 5:00 until Bob left. The long-time Democratic strategist went to CNN but was missed for his frank, down-to-earth contribution to whatever issue was being discussed.

In 2012, as the panel picked their favorite presidents of all time, Bob chose George W. Bush as one of his two favorites along with Democrat Jimmy Carter, both for humanitarian reasons. At the time I wrote:

But the big surprise of the day was Democrat Bob Beckel. After noting that he had two choices because they never receive recognition, he went on to say that Israel was our closest ally in the Middle East and Jimmy Carter was responsible for the Camp David Accords.

His second choice, Beckel went on, was George W. Bush for the good work and help provided for Africa to fight AIDs. Beckel noted that history will probably recognize this down the road because it is believed Bush helped save millions of lives, something he never receives recognition for. Beckel said, “He’s going to be recognized by this Democrat.”

It will be good to have that bipartisan thinking returned to “The Five.” Welcome back, Bob Beckel.


One thought on “He’s back: Bob Beckel Returns Today To ‘The Five’

  1. Calvin Lucy says:

    Most of his subs couldn’t measure up to Bob -as obnoxious as he can be at times. He’s suffered enough with all those back surgeries, plus having to lose 35 lbs.YLSF

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