What’s Blooming in the Yard Today….

What was blooming in the yard today? After two nights with 30-degree overnight temps which required covering tender plants and flowers with plastic, everything not only survived but seemed to thrive in today’s sunshine and temps in the mid-60s. Purple salvia continues to bloom into its second week while the pink and white peonies blossomed under the hothouse-like plastic.



This is Albert, our huge fir that we inherited with the house when he was only four feet tall. It breaks my heart that he has been afflicted with some kind of terminal evergreen disease that is killing the branches from the ground up even as new, healthy-looking growth sprouts.

Red-hot pokers

Wild rose bush

Hydrangea aka snowball bush


The peonies burst into bloom overnight, their fragrance drifting on today’s blustery breezes.

Domestic honeysuckle

These guys survived on the deck, covered with plastic and snugged against the house, to protect them against the below-freezing temps this week. Today they were perky and happy in the sun. The tomatoes and peppers are waiting to be transplanted into the garden next week when we pass our May 15 safe frost date.

It’s spring in the Shenandoah Valley….

Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell
May 9, 2017

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