Unfriending the Hatred Over John McCain

John McCain 11 Kerry Stutt on FB

I unfriended someone today on Facebook because of this meme. To tell you the truth, I’m not even sure who he was. I’m usually very careful about those added to my Facebook list so somewhere along the way maybe we worked a campaign together or something but I cannot remember. All I know if he was despicable in his hatred toward John McCain.

Conservatives used to talk about how hateful and vitriolic Democrats were toward Republicans. This meme proves that some on the Republican side have become just as hateful and vitriolic proving the hypocrisy that now permeates the GOP.

In trying to figure out who this Facebook “friend” was, I read his “about” section where he had written, “Canadian Immigrant, moved to the Commonwealth of Virginia in 2000 for the opportunity of living the American Dream – FREEDOM.”

This meme is beyond the pale and further demonstrates the divide between 80 percent of the Republican party and the other 20 percent. Ronald Reagan would not be welcomed in the party under Trump.

John McCain: Vietnam POW for 5.5 years, public servant who represented Arizona for 35 years, twice a GOP presidential candidate.

GOP: Drowning in hypocrisy.

John McCain 8 USA Today


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