31 Days of October, Day 6

We definitely embraced October Saturday when we spent the day with our kids and their spouses at Peaks of Otter near Bedford. The mountains were foggy until early afternoon so we set up in the fog along a creek in the picnic area. The day was spent grilling, hanging out, wading in the creek (for one intrepid member of our troupe), and playing board games.

For the first time in my life, I saw an otter at Peaks of Otter. It was making its way along the other side of the creek at our picnic site, moving through tall grass, so I trained my iPhone on him to try and get a good photo when he came out. However, he caught sight of someone on the bridge and made a beeline for the creek. I was able to catch a pic of him as he made a dive into the water and disappeared.

Peaks of Otter Lodge.

A great October day spent with family. #Win

Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell

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