Rain 5 (2)

Dark is coming earlier and earlier these days. Tonight it’s even sooner because of the clouds and rain, presumably outer bands from Hurricane Michael. The outdoors lights are on and I’m sitting on the front porch rocking with my laptop, feet propped on the railing, and listening as raindrops fall on tree leaves and shrubs and splat onto the fallen leaves on the ground.

It’s even a little chilly as the slight wind whooshes across the porch. It’s dusky, not quite dark yet, and quiet.

Ever since I was a little girl rainy days have been a favorite, something I’ve written about in the past, and I’m not really sure why but there’s something cozy about listening to the sound. As I look out the leaves on the redbuds and ash trees are beginning to turn golden. Some are already on the ground. Beside them the maples are still green, waiting their turn to show off with reds and burgundies.

The crickets are humming, their sound mixed in with the rain and the slight sound of wind. Bullfrogs in the nearby pond are calling with their deep-sounding croaks … the bark of a far-off dog can be heard in the distance. If I stay here much longer there will also be the sound of my teeth chattering since I’m barefooted and have no sweater.

This weekend promises to finally usher in the cooler weather we’ve been waiting for to help the fall colors pop. Forecasts hint that we may even see some temps in the 30s, the first of the season. Cold weather is late this year … no first frost yet, no hard freeze.

Think I’ll go grab my jacket and some shoes and then just sit and listen for a while. It’s peaceful, and that’s something I’d like to hang on to a bit longer.

It’s autumn in the Shenandoah Valley….

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