Love Thy Neighbor

I was sad today. Not for myself, but for a friend who just found out his dad has Covid-19, and he’s not doing well. In fact, this evening they had to admit him to the hospital.

He’s 88.

The anti-mask crowd will most likely say he’s old, no big deal, it’s his turn, just as they did with my family.

Here’s the deal. The grandparents have spent the past two weeks together with the friend’s family completely unaware that anyone had Covid. In retrospect, they believe the grandmother, who is 84, had it first but it was achiness that they thought had to do with working too much around the house.

You see, neither grandparent exhibited the usual Covid clues: difficulty breathing or other respiratory distresses like coughing. So the grandmother is better but the grandfather, who was thought to also just be tired from working too hard, has progressively become worse, tested positive, had oxygen levels plummet, and is now in the hospital.

And here’s another distress. My friend’s spouse has been battling cancer so now that it’s know the grandparents have Covid, that is yet another worry.

This friend and his family have been diligent about masks, hand washing, not going out, and all the other precautions because of the cancer issue. They’ve done everything right. Every.Thing.

And, yet, they have Covid in the household.

This may not be the right thing to say but I’m saying it anyway. I hope those who are more concerned about their freedoms than other people’s lives by refusing to wear masks are happy.

These anti-maskers who have been friends are not the people I thought they were all these years. Between Donald Trump and this global pandemic, friendships are splitting because of selfish people.

My heart aches for this friend and his family. I cried to learn that someone else was going through the vile virus that is Covid-19. If every family had to deal with this, I guarantee there would be far less, possibly no, anti-maskers.

Love thy neighbor? They’re too busy loving thy selves.

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