Homeschoolers: Introduction to American Government at George Mason University with Bill Bolling

GOVT103: Introduction to American Government

Hurry! The deadline to register is August 15.

A new homeschool dual-enrollment history course can help you get a leg up on college. Earn three hours of transferable college credits through the Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University—at nearly half off the regular tuition price!

Introduction to American Government is a fascinating course, presented by Virginia’s former Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling and George Mason University visiting professor! HEAV has worked with the lieutenant governor during past legislative sessions. He has been a supporter of homeschooling families during his extensive service to the Commonwealth.

This is a unique opportunity for homeschool high school students to learn from a conservative who knows the inner workings of government by personal experience. Developed specifically for homeschoolers–and limited to homeschoolers–his online course is essential for anyone who wants to learn more about how our government operates…or sometimes doesn’t operate; how the political system operates…or sometimes doesn’t operate; and how to be a responsible citizen.


Homeschool Dual Enrollment


Click here to register!

Click here for instructions for completing the online application. They are detailed, but they will tell you exactly what to do.

  • Step 2: Pay all required fees for the three-credit hour course. (See STEP 2 on attached directions)
  • Step 3: Submit your student’s official transcript to Rachel Cleaver at (See STEP 3 on attached directions). 

If you have any questions about the applications process, please feel free to contact Rachel Cleaver at


The homeschool dual-enrollment course will consist of weekly video lectures, which your student will access from the secure Learning Management System (Blackboard) at George Mason University. Students will have a unique GMU email and student ID that will enable them to access the Learning Management System.

These video lectures will be supplemented by a weekly Zoom meeting to discuss course content. Zoom meetings begin on August 26 and take place on Thursday mornings from 9 a.m.-10:30 a.m


  • Critical Thinking and Political Culture: Becoming A Responsible Citizen
  • Constitutional Democracy:
    Promoting Liberty and Self Government
  • Federalism: Forging a Nation
  • Civil Liberties: Protecting Individual Rights
  • Equal Rights: Struggling Toward Fairness
  • Public Opinion and Political Socialization: Shaping the People’s Voice
  • Political Participation: Activating the Popular Will
  • Political Parties, Candidates and Campaigns: Defining the Voters Choice
  • Interest Groups: Organizing for Influence
  • The News Media and the Internet: Communicating Politics
  • Congress: Balancing National Goals and Local Interests
  • The Presidency: Leading the Nation
  • The Federal Bureaucracy: Administering the Government
  • The Federal Judicial System: Applying the Law

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