Jennifer Rubin Is Among the Best Center-Right Political Writers

Washington Post political opinion writer Jennifer Rubin is among the best when it comes to writing about the craziness that is today’s politics from a center-right point of view.

Her sensible, reasoned responses to the constant daily upheaval are a pleasure to read, and her Friday afternoon live columns where she answers questions in real time are informative and, again, reasonable.

For example, today she was asked, “What will Republicans learn about the Michigan State University shootings? What if anything can be done?”

Her response: “Vote out Republicans. It is the only way to make meaningful change, such as banning semi-automatic weapons. Republicans are dependent on the support of resentful, angry voters who think they need these weapons if the government ‘comes for them.’ “

She nailed the reasons I’ve heard from Republicans about their reasons for needing a stockpile of weapons at their homes: it’s their defense against the United States government. Paranoia runs rampant on the far-right side of the political aisle.

There are very few I trust and believe anymore when it comes to politics and reporting the facts, and Ms. Rubin is at the top of the list, utilizing the Washington Post byline: “Democracy dies in darkness.”

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