General guidelines for submission

– A good length for posts is usually 150-300 words.
– All articles will be emailed to editor Lynn Mitchell (
– The editor will review and make the final editorial decision. If there are major revisions, the article will be returned to the author for approval.
– Authors will have bylines for each post.
– Opinions are those of each author. We will agree to disagree respectfully based on facts and evidence.

What to Write:
Write what you know … campaigns, candidates, personal antidotes, issues, controversies, upcoming political events. We are all involved in politics at some level with an insight that many would find interesting or entertaining.

Some thoughts about writing:
Try to keep your title to the point so it will catch the attention of the search engines to pull in more traffic. It’s best to write up front what your post is about (don’t bury the story). I often “jam write,” that is, go at it so thoughts can flow and then come back later to refine the message and clean up the grammar and punctuation. Humor goes a long way especially in politics. Be sure to include links to newspapers and other research outlets to give them credit. Photos, videos, and graphics can enhance your post. Most of all, have fun.

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