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15 years ago today: George W. Bush versus Al Gore election

George W. Bush 57By Lynn R. Mitchell

I remember like it was yesterday. My family had joined my sister in Austin for election night 2000 celebrations as we waited for the results of voting that day between Republican Texas Governor George W. Bush and Democrat Al Gore. What no one knew was that we would wait, and wait, and wait … for a total of 34 days. The election was not decided until December 12.

My Austin sister worked with Texas Governor Bush as his speech writer before joining his presidential campaign so my family drove from the Shenandoah Valley down through Tennessee, Arkansas, and Texas, arriving at her house in Austin on election eve. On election day, a cold front and rain passed through Austin as we gathered with thousands downtown with our special passes and our Bush caps and our two children who had worked the campaign with us in Augusta County.

When it became apparent no decision about the outcome was going to known that night, we reluctantly and disappointingly returned to my sister’s house to watch television coverage until the wee hours of the morning. We finished out our week in Texas and drove back to Virginia, still not knowing if the long hours, days, and months of work had panned out.

And it all took place 15 years ago tonight. Interestingly, the same thing would happen four years later when President Bush ran for reelection against John Kerry, with no results known election night. While the wait wasn’t as long — we knew the next day — the George W. election and reelection were both denied the fun and joy of celebrating a win on election night.

I hope we never go through that again….

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It’s gonna be Jim Webb

Jim WebbBy David Karaffa
Guest Post

Not a lot is known about Jim Webb outside the Commonwealth of Virginia. However, for Jim Webb this is the perfect time to run for president.

The first question that most readers are asking themselves is why not Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, or Vice President Joe Biden? Well, quite simply, Hillary Clinton’s numbers are falling to a self-proclaimed socialist. Her reaction and conduct about her personal emails, careless handling of classified communications, and overall attitude toward the press come across very badly and don’t play well for the general election. Bernie Sanders has actually done the most to excite the base. However, his views are way too left of center to attract enough support for the entire Democratic party, not to mention the general election. The Vice President is weighing whether or not he could handle the campaign since his son’s death. While I could never understand what he is going through as a father, I will say that the pressures don’t get any better once you are the nominee, much less the president. On top of that, the Vice President has made many gaffs over the years that will be drawn on to haunt him.

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Fox News anchor Bret Baier signs new deal

Bret Baier 1By Lynn R. Mitchell

Fox News anchor Bret Baier, 44, will be staying with the network through the foreseeable future (see Bret Baier re-ups with Fox News by Dylan Byers). Baier “has signed a new multi-year deal that will see him staying on as the network’s chief political anchor and host of Special Report,” according to Politico:

“As one of the most trusted anchors in the industry, Bret’s work ethic and style have played an integral role in the leadership of our Washington bureau and the success of the network,” Fox News chairman and CEO Roger Ailes said in a statement. “We are proud that his strong journalistic instincts and political expertise will be a part of Fox News throughout our 2016 election coverage and for many years to come.”

Baier is scheduled to continue as anchor of the 6pm “Special Report” news broadcast that he has hosted since Brit Hume’s retirement in 2009, and will co-anchor 2016 presidential election coverage as well as co-moderate the Republican Debate from Cleveland on August 6.

Baier became familiar to the Fox News audience while covering the 2000 presidential campaign’s aftermath when hanging chads and the intention of voters became the 24/7 news cycle. His reporting from precincts revisiting multiple ballots with “hanging chads” was the cause of his nickname, “Chad Lad.”

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