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Cline, Bell, Bell endorsement suggests passive support for 24th District anti-primary lawsuit

GOP elephants fightingBy Lynn R. Mitchell

Three Virginia House of Delegates members — Dickie Bell, Rob Bell, and Ben Cline — appear to have passively endorsed a lawsuit that was brought against the 24th Senate District (represented by State Senator Emmett Hanger) by endorsing the re-election of the tea party-leaning GOP chairman who voted for the lawsuit.

The endorsement was announced in an email distributed on Friday, five days before the filing deadline for others who may have been interested in the chair position.

The lawsuit, changing the statute to require a convention, thus removing the incumbents’ choice of re-election nomination (primary, firehouse primary, caucus, etc), was struck down by the courts in 2015 but is now under appeal.

If the delegates like the idea of having only conventions and doing away with primaries for the state party, perhaps they should step to the plate and write a bill to have it passed in the General Assembly instead of tacitly supporting renegade groups like the 24th legislative committee, and allowing them to tie up the Republican Party with lawsuits.

More precisely, why are the three delegates supporting Staunton Chairman Matt Fitzgerald, who voted to move the lawsuit forward and runs with Waynesboro Chairman Ken Adams who spearheaded the entire thing that was backed by anonymous consultants and financiers from other areas of the Commonwealth? This lawsuit, filed in the tumultuous 6th Congressional District represented by Bob Goodlatte, may hurt future elections and the Republican Party. By always requiring conventions, there would be no primaries, thus disenfranchising other voters such as military members, the elderly, families with small children, long distances to travel, and employees who cannot get a day off work. (Absentee ballots are not allowed for conventions but are allowed for primaries.)

Fitzgerald was also part of an anti-Goodlatte group who secretly met to plan the hijacking of the hours-long, hostile 6th District meeting in December. Yet he received the endorsement of not only the delegates but others. See the Fitzgerald endorsement email here.

For those who wish to participate in the Staunton Republican Committee mass meeting to be held on February 18 at 7:00pm at the Staunton Public Library, a prefile form is required and must be received by February 15. The Staunton Republican Committee website has not been updated since March 2015 but the information was found at the 6th District website.

UPDATE: On February 12 and 17, 2016, emails were sent to all three delegates to ask about their endorsements. As of February 23, no answers have been received. We realize they are in session in RVA so will send a follow-up email to the first two.

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News Leader editorial: ‘Grateful for Emmett Hanger’

Emmett Hanger

Photo by Lynn R. Mitchell

By Lynn R. Mitchell

At noon on a day in May earlier this year, I sat in a make-shift political office in Staunton waiting for Augusta County’s State Senator Emmett Hanger to meet and work on our schedule as we approached the upcoming June primary. By the time I saw him, he had already attended a breakfast with local business folks followed by another meeting, while returning phone calls in between.

A typical day was filled with conversations with fellow legislators, traveling his 24th senate district that extended from Staunton north in the Shenandoah Valley and over the mountain to Cupeper and Madison, and grassroots activities, and a hospital recognition and stopping to say hey to folks in a local eatery. While making his way to a table in a local restaurant, he would be greeted with, “Hey, Emmett,” and handshakes and smiles and recognition as the hometown boy who went to Richmond and did well.

That is the Emmett Hanger most voters in his district know and respect, someone who stands up for them in Richmond — Republicans and Democrats, he represents them all the same — and folks from all walks in life. He has family all over the place and no matter where he goes, there is someone to smile and call out the familiar “Hey Emmett,” greeting.

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Here we go again: RPV resurrects lawsuit in Emmett Hanger’s 24th Senate District

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Saturday’s State Central Committee meeting in Staunton had barely been called to order when a dispute arose about an added agenda item and the order in which it would be heard.

The 24th Senate District lawsuit that had seen a federal judge rule against the 24th Legislative District Committee (see 24th Senate District: Court upholds laws of Commonwealth, Hanger gets primary) was resurrected even though it was not originally on the official agenda that was sent out by Chairman John Whitbeck. It had been added in the week before the meeting, a matter that brought protests from some but they were overruled and the matter was added as the second item to be addressed.

Please note that the referenced “Incumbent Protection Act” is a made-up name by those pushing the lawsuit.

Here is the email that was sent to State Central Committee members outlining the background and desire by SCC to change the method that incumbent elected officials have for re-election:

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Behind Emmett Hanger’s winning strategy

Emmett Hanger 22

Emmett Hanger for Senate election night watch party at the Clocktower Restaurant in downtown Staunton.

By Lynn R. Mitchell

As I reflected on the past weeks working Senator Emmett Hanger’s 24th District primary, there was much to remember — memories, thoughts, observations (see Emmett Hanger wins huge in 24th Senate District). It was a short, intense campaign due to a lawsuit that was filed by the 24th District legislative committee, and it was not settled until April (see 24th Senate District: Court upholds laws of Commonwealth, Hanger gets primary). Once the court ruled, everything fell into place as Senator Hanger’s team set about working for his re-election in the June 9 Republican primary.

The result was a resounding victory with Senator Hanger taking 60 percent, Dan Moxley 27.5 percent, and Marshall Pattie 12 percent. Staunton City voters provided a whopping 71 percent of the vote for Hanger.

Now some are wondering who was behind the definitive winning strategy. They are some of the best Virginia has to offer.

Political consultant Boyd Marcus was dedicated and an inspiration to work with during the past weeks — a professional who was friendly, funny, and knowledgeable beyond belief while strategizing, developing the campaign plan, and overseeing the other consultants. The native Virginian and long-time political player, whose services were offered as an in-kind donation by the Virginia League of Conservation Voters, has consulted and worked with Governor George Allen, Governor Jim Gilmore, Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling, and many House and Senate races throughout the years. This time he put his golden touch on the 24th Senate District and Emmett Hanger. It was a familiar partnership for the two political veterans. In 1995, Boyd advised Emmett Hanger when Hanger first won the 24th Senate District nomination, eventually defeating Democratic incumbent Frank Noland in the general election. Interestingly, Emmett was the first elected Republican in Augusta County since Reconstruction, leading the way in a county that is now solidly red.

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Emmett Hanger wins huge in 24th Senate District


Senator Emmett Hanger after winning Tuesday’s Primary.

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Thank you, Senator Emmett Hanger, for a positive campaign that never attacked your opponents but instead informed voters what you were all about. It was an honor to work with you.


Candidate Votes Percent
Daniel J. “Dan” Moxley
3,489 27.50%
Emmett W. Hanger, Jr.
7,647 60.27%
Marshall W. Pattie
1,551 12.23%
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AFP endorses Emmett Hanger in 24th Senate Republican primary

Emmett Hanger 1Editorial endorsement from the Augusta Free Press

Emmett Hanger bristles when it is suggested that he isn’t a conservative, for good reason. The 20-year veteran of the State Senate of Virginia has the endorsements of the National Rifle Association, the National Federation of Independent Business and the Virginia Chamber of Commerce, among others.

None of those groups are going to be accused anytime soon of being part of any vast left-wing conspiracy.

But our endorsement for Hanger in Tuesday’s Republican primary in the 24th Senate District, which encompasses our base in Augusta County, Staunton and Waynesboro, isn’t based on how conservative Emmett Hanger is or isn’t.

We’re urging a vote for Hanger because it’s not ideology, but getting the job done, that motivates Hanger in his representation of our area in Richmond.

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Emmett Hanger Election Night watch party will be held at Clocktower in Staunton

By Lynn R. Mitchell



Virginia’s 24th Senate District

Election Night Watch Party

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

6:00pm until ? (results will probably be known by 8pm)

Clocktower Restaurant

27 W. Beverley Street
Staunton, VA 24401

All are invited ~ Bring your friends ~ Pass the word

* Please go to the polls and vote for Senator Emmett Hanger, then join your friends as we gather to watch election returns and wait for the results for the 24th State Senate District.

* Complimentary appetizers and non-alcoholic drinks

* TVs will be tuned to local news to watch results

* Full-service restaurant offering meals and appetizers ~ Cash Bar

* Free parking on-street and in the Johnson Street garage 1/2 block from restaurant

* http://www.clocktowerhistoricstaunton.com/

* For more info contact Lynn Mitchell, Campaign Manager (Hanger HQs 540.280-4450)
See you Tuesday!
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15 reasons to vote for Emmett Hanger

Emmett Hanger 16

Sharon and Emmett Hanger on the campaign trail.

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Why vote for Senator Emmett Hanger on June 9? Here are 15 reasons:

1) Conservative common-sense life-long Republican: Born and raised in Augusta County, graduated from James Madison University and served as the former Commander of the Harrisonburg National Guard; obtained the rank of Captain in the US Army as an Infantry Officer; represents every constituent.

2) Pro-life: Believes in the sanctity of life.

3) National Rifle Association endorsement with “A” rating 2015 … defends the Second Amendment … stands up for gun owners; co-chair of Legislative Sportsman’s Caucus which leads fight in General Assembly for rights of gun owners, hunters, fishing enthusiasts.
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Campaigning the last Saturday before the election

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Emmett Hanger 16Senator Emmett Hanger and wife Sharon were on the campaign trail Saturday with only a few days left until Primary Tuesday.

Emmett Hanger 18Tools of the trade on this last Saturday before election day … my car trunk was full and then we returned to headquarters to refill and hit the road again. We have had wonderful response from the voters of the 24th Senate District

Emmett Hanger 17Yard signs, lit, bumper stickers, lapel stickers … and lots of enthusiasm.

Emmett Hanger 15The endorsements continue.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015
Polls will be open 6am-7pm. Vote at your regular precinct.
Have photo ID.

Please join me in voting for Senator Emmett Hanger.

Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell
May 6, 2015

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LTE: Hanger represents constituents with integrity, honesty and intelligence


Sen. Emmett Hanger

By Lynn R. Mitchell

A letter to the editor in support of Senator Emmett Hanger (R-24th Senate District):


I am currently a retired state employee.  During my many years of employment at various state agencies, I have had the opportunity to observe and work directly with Senator Emmett Hanger. He has represented his constituents with integrity, honesty and intelligence.  His review and decisions regarding legislation are not limited by party affiliations or influenced by other legislators.  Because of his experience and reputation, he is respected by members of the General Assembly and is able to work with them to bring about compromise when faced with difficult issues.
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LTE: Emmett Hanger demonstrates honest, conservative leadership


Sen. Emmett Hanger

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Senator Emmett Hanger (R-24th Senate District) sits on a number of boards and committees throughout Virginia, working with community leaders about a variety of issues. This letter highlights that work:

June 1, 2015

To The Editor:

As the Chair of the UVA Culpeper Hospital Board of Trustees, I write to endorse the re-election of Senator Emmett Hanger.

Senator Hanger represents a sprawling area including parts of Culpeper County as a result of recent redistricting.  Ever since having our County included in his District he has been a regular visitor to our community, attending formal Chamber of Commerce sponsored events as well as other, less formal community activities.  He has always listened carefully to the concerns of his constituents and responded candidly regarding his positions on the issues of the day.  He welcomes his constituents to his Senate offices during Session and, again, listens and shares his views without guile or apology.  He is the consummate Virginia gentleman.
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Signs signs signs #4 … Hanger campaign

By Lynn R. Mitchell

40The Emmett Hanger for Senate sign team has been busy in Virginia 24th’s Senate District leading up to the June 9th Republican Primary. From Staunton, Waynesboro, and Augusta County to eastern Rockingham, Culpeper, Greene, and Madison, the red, white, and blue Hanger yard signs, 4’x4′, and 4’x8′ signs are out to remind folks to vote on June 9th at their regular polling places from 6am-7pm.

39 Continue reading

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LTE: Hanger makes government work better for us

Emmett Hanger 1By Lynn R. Mitchell

More support for Senator Emmett Hanger:


I’m not political but I do want my family to continue enjoying what makes this area special; family values, strong schools, low taxes, and economic development driving good jobs.

Elections seem to be a lot of the same thing, tearing down your opponent. Emmett doesn’t do that. He runs on his record; a good, conservative record.

Emmett’s working hard to make our government work better for us.

He’s approachable and speaks to his record. I don’t have all the details legislators do when they cast votes, but I am confident Emmett does and he makes the best decision representing my interests. That’s why I support him.

Emmett has earned a lot of leadership positions; you only do that over time and by understanding issues. New guys start at the bottom and that is not good for us.

We have strong, conservative, honest leadership with Emmett Hanger. Vote June 9.

Dana Breeding

The Republican Primary is Tuesday, June 9. Voters will go the polls from 6am-7pm.


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