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Tiny houses: Conservatives are three years too late

Tito MunozBy Tito A. Munoz
Guest Post

I read an article on my wife’s Facebook page about county officials in Chesterfield, Virginia, forcing a couple out of their Dream Home (see Chesterfield couple being forced out of tiny dream home).

Conservatives get mad when they hear that government intrusion and regulations deny or force people off their property.

We have the well-publicized and broadly supported case of Liberty Farm. Many politicians took hold of this issue quickly and enthusiastically and rallied in support of farm rights as an important property rights battle. Some just used it as a political platform to campaign.

Thankfully, something truly positive came from the Liberty Farm issue as legislation in support of property rights passed by the Virginia House of Delegates. But, the issue successfully defended in that case has not been given proper attention on small property rights issues that are equally important.

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5th District Chairman Jon Berkley’s open letter re: First District’s ruling on Fauquier Co. party canvass

Jon BerkleyBy Jon Berkley
Chairman, Fifth District Republican Committee

To: Pat Mullins, Chairman RPV and Fellow Members of the State Central Committee
Re: First District’s Ruling on Fauquier Co. Party Canvass

As Chairman of the Fifth District, I would like to share my sentiments regarding an appeal on which this Committee will rule. The Committee’s ruling will either strengthen our party, or it will further cripple our party and diminish support for our candidates.

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