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Augusta County supervisors have Chapstick fun at board meeting

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Chapstick Augusta Co BOSPhoto by Bob Stuart, News-Virginian. Used with permission.

Augusta County’s supervisors showed a sense of humor at Wednesday night’s board meeting when the school superintendent walked to the podium to address them. On cue, all seven supervisors plus county administrator Pat Coffield pulled out tubes of Chapstick and applied it to their lips, eliciting laughter from the crowd.

Bob Stuart, political reporter with the News-Virginian, snapped a picture with his camera and posted it to the newspaper’s Facebook page, noting, “Members of the Augusta County Board of Supervisors put on Chapstick as Augusta County Schools superintendent Eric Bond comes to the podium. It was a joke in reference to the school district’s restrictions against students not being able to use Chapstick during the school day, unless applied by the school nurse.”

It’s been over a week since 10-year-old Grace Karaffa aka Chapstick Girl took her request to the Augusta County School Board asking that they reverse a ban forbidding students from having Chapstick lip balm at school (see Augusta County ‘Chapstick Girl’ has gone viral, AP, Fox News calling – Updated: School board responds).

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