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Flashback: Charlottesville ABC agents should be reminded of the Alicia Showalter Reynolds tragedy

Elizabeth Daly

Elizabeth Daly

By Lynn R. Mitchell

[Editor’s note: With the latest incident involving a UVa student and Virginia ABC agents that occurred earlier this week (see Students Speak Out on ABC Arrest of UVa Student), it seemed a good time to rerun this post from 2013 when ABC agents made news with another UVa student.]

I had no intention of writing about the Charlottesville ABC agents who apprehended a UVa student in the false belief she was underage with beer. Her “beer” turned out to be sparkling water but a series of events led to her arrest and she was thrown in the slammer overnight. ABC agents thought their lives were in danger, and the young lady thought her life was in danger, and it ended up in a big mess.

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Jennifer Rubin: ‘Obama is no George W. Bush’

George W. Bush 33 AfricaBy Lynn R. Mitchell

I so enjoy Jennifer Rubin’s column in the Washington Post and her insightful, pragmatic observations in political matters that find me often on the same page politically with her.

Sunday in her “Distinguished pol of the week” column (see Distinguished pol of the week), she chose George W. Bush for his work in Africa, his genuine sincerity about the people of those countries and what the diseases they face, his humor, and his willingness to make himself the butt of a joke.

Classic George W. Bush.

Typically observant Jennifer Rubin.

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