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Photos from Saturday’s RPV meeting in Staunton

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Staunton 4 rainyOn a rainy Saturday morning, the Republican Party of Virginia arrived in Staunton, located in the 24th Senate District, to resurrect a lawsuit in the 24th District (see Here we go again: RPV resurrects lawsuit in Emmett Hanger’s 24th Senate District), and to vote for a Presidential Primary during the five-hour marathon meeting (see Live-blogging RPV State Central Committee meeting in Staunton, Va).

Brian Schoeneman has a good analysis of Saturday’s meeting at Bearing Drift (see SCC meeting in Staunton puts RPV dysfunction on full display).

1RPV’s First Vice-Chairman Michael Thomas (right) with his son Alec Thomas. Mike has been a pillar in the party and a voice of reason during the turmoil in recent years.

2Kasha Nielsen, ‎Chairwoman at College Republican Federation of Virginia and UVa student, rallied the pro-primary supporters prior to the vote. She was cheered by the crowd that included at least two dozen College Republicans (CRs) and Young Republicans (YRs).

3YRs and CRs sat on the floor due to lack of chairs: YR and small business owner Emily Brewer (left), CR Samatha Sedivy (middle), student at University of Richmond’s T.C. Williams Law School; and YR Thomas Turner (right) who had written a pro-primary post for LynnRMitchell.com (see Western Tidewater Young Republican Chairman supports a primary for 2016). #TeamPrimary

Trixie, Don Wms, Ben DessertDonald Williams, Chairman of Chesterfield County Republican Committee; Trixie Averill, former RPV Western Vice-Chairwoman; Ben Dessart, law student at the University of Richmond T.C. Williams Law School.

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Photos #1 – Burgers with Bill … Bolling, Romney, Gillespie, McDonnell joined by 400 guests

??????????The 20th Annual “Burgers with Bill” was a highlight event Tuesday at Innsbrook on the western edges of Richmond with more than 400 friends and allies attending as guests of former Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling and his wife Jean Ann. The Bollings continued the event this year as an appreciation dinner for those who have traveled the journey with them through 22 years of elected office. The LG was joined by Republican U.S. Senate candidate Ed Gillespie and Governor Mitt Romney who was the GOP U.S. Presidential nominee in 2012 and remains extremely popular with Republicans nationwide. (See Burgers with Bill tonight … hottest ticket in UVA headlining Bill Bolling, Mitt Romney, Ed Gillespie.)

??????????“Mitt Romney. Go, Ed!”
Governor Romney signed the bus, a tradition with the Gillespie campaign at events throughout the Commonwealth. Others in the crowd signed, too, finding room among other familiar Republican signatures.

??????????Governor Mitt Romney and Dr. Kurt Michael. (More photos after the fold.)

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