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Jeb Bush’s Virginia campaign announces 60 additional heavy hitter supporters

Jeb Bush bumper stickerBy Lynn R. Mitchell

From the Jeb Bush for President 2016 campaign:

Today, the day before the deadline to submit signatures for the Virginia ballot, the Washington Post reported, “Republican heavy hitters join Jeb Bush’s campaign in Virginia.”

This strong show of support for Jeb Bush comes after he submitted over 10,000 signatures on November 18, twice the amount needed to qualify for the Virginia ballot. The full list of support is below.

“Jeb Bush is the leader this country needs, and the Commander in Chief I want in the Oval office to protect my family and this nation,” said State Senator Ben Chafin, of Russell County.  “Further, Jeb understands Southwest Virginia and the challenges our families are facing.  He has an energy plan that embraces domestic coal production and will put people back to work.”

Governor Bush has been to Virginia three times in the past few months, including an appearance in Bristol in September to help raise money for the Senate Republican Caucus.  He also recently attended a candidate’s forum hosted by Pat Robertson at Regent University in Virginia Beach.

“When the primary is over, there is only one candidate who is capable of defeating Hillary Clinton, and that is Jeb Bush,” said State Senator John Watkins, from Chesterfield. 

This support comes in addition to Jeb’s previously announced Virginia Co-Chairs: Kay Coles James, former Virginia Secretary of Health; Eric Cantor, former House Majority Leader; and John Hager, former Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, and other lawmakers including Jerry Kilgore, former Attorney General of Virginia.

I am proud to be part of the Jeb Bush for President team of supporters in Virginia.

Additional Jeb Bush Supporters in Virginia:

·      Veronica Angulo, Grassroots Activist, Fairfax County
·      Graves Anthony, Chair, Hampden-Sydney College Republicans
·      Peggy Armentrout, Chair, Charlotte County GOP
·      Barbara Bowie-Wittman, Grassroots Activist, Alexandria City
·      Conrad Brinkman, College Republicans, Longwood University
·      James Burton, College Republicans, UVA
·      Victor Cabral, Business Leader, Arlington County
·      Brenda Campbell, Fmr. President, Virginia Federation of Republican Women, Henry County
·      Delegate Jeff Campbell, Virginia House of Delegates, Smyth County
·      Senator Ben Chafin, Virginia Senate, Russell County
·      Spencer Chaplain, College Republican, Ferrum College
·      Maggie Cleary, Vice President, Federalist Society, UVA Law
·      Linwood Cobb, Fmr. Chair, 7th District GOP Committee; Fmr. Member, State Central Committee, Henrico County
·      Ray Connor, Commissioner of Revenue, Chesapeake City
·      Chandler Crenshaw, Fmr. Chair, William & Mary College Republicans
·      Richard Cullen, Business Leader, Richmond City
·      Alex Owen Davis, Grassroots Activist, Radford City
·      Tom Farrell, Business Leader, Henrico County
·      Peter Finocchio, Former Chairman, UVa College Republicans, Grassroots Activist, Fairfax County
·      David Fonseca, College Republicans, Liberty University
·      Renee Fonseca, Grassroots Activist, Fairfax County
·      Heywood Fralin, Business Leader, Roanoke City
·      Dennis Free, Ret. Undersheriff Virginia Beach City; Ret. VBPD Police Captain, Virginia Beach City
·      Marvin Gilliam, Business Leader, Washington County
·      Bill Goodwin, Business Leader, Henrico County
·      Barbara Greiner, Grassroots Activist, Fairfax County
·      Marianne Horinko, Fmr. Acting Administrator of the EPA under President George W. Bush, Fairfax County
·      Tyler Johnson, Fmr. Chair, William & Mary College Republicans
·      Rear Admiral Jack Kavanaugh, Ret. USN; President, Downtown Norfolk Republican Club, Norfolk City
·      Harry Kelso, Grassroots Activist, Henrico County
·      Jay Lacano, Fmr. Chair, ODU College Republicans
·      Caroline Lane, Ret. USN; Grassroots Activist, Fairfax County
·      Ethan Lane, Grassroots Activist, Alexandria City
·      Anna Lee, Grassroots Activist, Fairfax County
·      Jorge Lozano, Grassroots Activists, Fairfax County
·      Shirley Miles, Grassroots Activist, Fairfax County
·      Elizabeth Minneman, Immediate Past Chair, College Republican Federation of Virginia
·      Lynn Mitchell, Fmr. Member, State Central Committee, Grassroots Activist, Augusta County
·      Tim Nank, Grassroots Activist; Fmr. Candidate, Virginia House of Delegates, Fairfax County
·      Sheila Noll, Member, Board of Supervisors, York County
·      Nina Ovieda, Community Leader, Arlington County
·      Eric Philipkosky, Grassroots Activist, Richmond City
·      Susan Ralston, Fmr. Special Assistant to President George W. Bush, Culpeper County
·      Dan and Sonia Runde, Grassroots Activist, Fairfax County
·      Isabel “Izzy” Santa, Fmr. RNC Hispanic Communications Director, Arlington County
·      Colin Sapko, Treasurer, George Mason College Republicans
·      Don Scoggins, Fmr. Candidate for Occuquan Supervisor, Prince William County
·      John Scott, Immediate Past Chair, Young Republican Federation of Virginia
·      Kathy Simmons, Grassroots Activist, Fairfax County
·      Gerrie Smith, Grassroots Activist, Fairfax County
·      Mark Smith, Grassroots Activist, Loudoun County
·      The Honorable John Snow, Fmr. Secretary of the Treasury, Richmond City
·      Theresa Speake, Fmr. Assistant Secretary, Department of Energy, Fairfax County
·      Phillip Stucky, College Republican, UVA
·      Mauricio Tamargo, Grassroots Activist, Fairfax County
·      The Honorable Nick Taubman, Fmr. U.S. Ambassador to Romania, Roanoke City
·      Breccan Thies, College Republican, University of Mary Washington
·      Greg Thies, College Republican, UVA
·      Tamara Thies, Grassroots Activist, Charlottesville City
·      Thomas Turner, Chair, Western Tidewater Young Republicans; Vice-Chair, Suffolk City GOP, Suffolk City
·      Rick Valentine, Grassroots Activist, Fairfax County
·      Adam Washington, 1st CD Young Republican Representative; Fmr. Chair, Fredericksburg-Area Young Republicans, Stafford County
·      Senator John Watkins, Virginia Senate, Chesterfield County
·      Kristi Way, Member, State Central Committee, Henrico County
·      Rick West, Member, City Council, Chesapeake City
·      Fay Williamson, Fmr. President, Virginia Federation of Republican Women
·      Neb Yegezu, College Republican, NVCC, Fairfax County

Previous Endorsers

  • State Co-Chair, Eric Cantor, Fmr. Majority Leader, United States House of Representatives
  • State Co-Chair, Kay Coles James, Fmr. Member of the Virginia State Board of Education
  • State Co-Chair, John Hager, Fmr. Lieutenant Governor of Virginia
  • Jerry Kilgore, Fmr. Attorney General of Virginia
  • Delegate David Yancey, Virginia House of Delegates
  • Delegate Terry Kilgore, Virginia House of Delegates
  • Delegate Will Morefield, Virginia House of Delegates
  • Delegate Bobby Orrock, Virginia House of Delegates
  • Sheriff Ken Stolle, Virginia Beach City
  • Debbie Ritter, Member, City Council, Chesapeake City
  • Stephanie Zemanek, College Republican, University of Richmond


*titles for identification purposes only


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Governor Jeb Bush to file double the needed signatures for Virginia

Jeb Bush

Photo by Lynn R. Mitchell

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Showing his strong support in Virginia, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush will officially file twice the necessary number of signatures today to qualify for the Virginia Primary ballot. To qualify, presidential candidates for 2016 must file a minimum of 5,000 signatures statewide and a minimum of 200 signatures in each of Virginia’s eleven congressional districts by the December 10 deadline.

The Bush campaign is submitting more than 10,000 signatures weeks before the deadline.

Alex Davis w Jeb Bush

Alex Davis with Governor Bush. (Photo by Jeb Bush for President campaign photographer)

Volunteers fanned out across the Commonwealth including Alex Davis in the 9th Congressional District who single-handedly collected over 500 signatures while attending dozens of events throughout the summer and fall, receiving overwhelming positive response. In September when Governor Bush addressed supporters in Bristol, he noticed Alex’s clipboard of petitions and talked with him about the process and personally thanked him for all his work.

Governor Bush was grateful for the effort of so many and commented, “I am humbled to have the support of so many grassroots activists here in Virginia.  The Commonwealth will help decide the next president, and I plan to compete here.  Thank you to all of the Virginia volunteers that spent countless hours gathering signatures.  I will not let you down.”

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During photo shoot, Jeb asked and Alex explained Virginia petition requirements

Alex Davis w Jeb BushPhoto by Jeb Bush for President campaign photographer.

By Lynn R. Mitchell

When Jeb Bush stopped in Bristol Thursday to help raise money for Virginia Republican senatorial candidates (see Jeb brings presidential campaign to Bristol, helps Virginia senate candidates), he addressed a crowd of attendees and as soon as it concluded, a line formed with those waiting to talk with him and pose for pictures. I had my cell phone camera ready and Alex Davis, the Young Republican who is helping to coordinate Jeb signatures in the 9th Congressional District, was standing beside me. Holding his clipboard, he waited so I could take his picture with the governor.

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Jeb brings presidential campaign to Bristol, helps Virginia senate candidates

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Governor Jeb Bush. September 24, 2015. Bristol, Virginia.

4Governor Jeb Bush (center) with Senators Ryan McDougle and Bill Carrico (right) and senate candidate Nancy Dye and Senator Ben Chafin (left).

Impressive. That was my first thought reflecting on Thursday’s fundraiser with Governor Jeb Bush to help Republican state senate candidates retain their majority in Virginia’s General Assembly. In an election year when all 40 seats are up for reelection, Republicans hold a slim 21-19 lead. Demonstrating the team effort that has been stressed as absolutely necessity, Governor Bush emphasized, “We have to be a team of conservatives that reach out to everybody to win.”

It wasn’t his first time helping Virginia Republicans. Earlier this year he donated $10,000 to the cash-strapped Republican Party of Virginia.

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A 2016 Presidential Primary will be more inclusive

Alex Davis 2aBy Alex Davis
Guest Post

“For if we do not determine the nature of the beast before we set it free, it will end by consuming us all.” –Judge James Wilson, a signer of the Declaration of Independence

There is a beast that lies sleeping in Staunton. Whether he will be awakened from his slumber or remain dead to the world will be answered on June 27th. The beast is one of exclusivity – of disunity – of disenfranchisement. He doesn’t sound too appealing, does he? Yet, for a very vocal wing of the Republican Party of Virginia, he is a godsend. But for the good of the Commonwealth, the Party, and common sense we cannot allow him to awaken.

The beast is called Convention. And his supporters are many. The question we must ask ourselves is, why? Why is a convention for a presidential primary even an option? Your guess is as good as mine

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Remembering Iwo Jima 70 years later … ‘uncommon valor was a common virtue’

Alex Davis 2a By Alex Davis
Guest Post

February 19, 1945 … 70 years ago today the war in the Pacific is raging. In order to effectively and safety bomb Tokyo into submission, the Allies need a place for planes to emergency land and refuel if needed. The volcanic islands of Iwo Jima serve that exact purpose and they must be taken at all costs if victory in the Pacific is to be obtained. In the midst of all this is PFC John Felix Collie, my great-uncle.

Attached to the 9th Regiment of the 3rd Division of the US Marine Corps, Felix was in one of the very first waves to assault the island of Iwo Jima. The 9th Regiment had the distinction (a distinction which left the Regiment bloodied and battered) of being part of the main body who secured the first stretch of high ground against the entrenched Japanese forces.

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Kalima Dalton Tate, 92, of Pulaski passes away

Kalima D. Tate

Kalima Dalton Tate

By Lynn R. Mitchell

I never met Mrs. Tate but knew of her through a young local Republican activist and former chairman of the Staunton Republican Committee, Alex Davis, who has been friends with her grandson Graham since the two were in kindergarten (they are now 27 years old). The boys grew up in Staunton — Mrs. Tate’s son, William Lee Tate II, settled down and raised his family of three children in Staunton — but Mrs. Tate lived in southwestern Virginia’s Pulaski community where she grew up, married, and lived her entire life. She will be buried there on Sunday. Alex and Graham are pallbearers.

When I passed the word of Mrs. Tate’s passing to my daughter Katy, who was a weekend guest of Mrs. Tate’s several times but who now lives in Nashville, she said, “Oh, Da. What a sweetheart. Her house was full of treasures and an old, always-groaning Boston terrier. She will be very missed in the Tate households.”

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