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What inspires a man to play ‘Taps’ every day….

By Lynn R. Mitchell

What a special talent this gentleman is able to share with his neighbors. What a special tribute to our military….

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Military pulled into immigration battle

Daniel Cortez 2By Daniel Cortez

As volatile and at the same time delicate remains the subject of immigration, Republicans are shooting themselves in the foot with the huge independent Hispanic voting community by blocking legislation to allow immigrants who can pass the rigid military qualifications service in our military. Our national history, if revisited, depicts thousands if not millions of illegal and undocumented families that were part of combat operations since World War II. And again history notes scores of illegals have been decorated with the nation’s highest medal for bravery, the Medal of Honor, and other heroic medals for their service. I personally fought with many of them in Vietnam and saw numerous give their life for this country.

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