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Atlantic Coast Pipeline announces alternate routes in Nelson County

Atlantic Coast Pipelines -- Nelson County alternate routesBy Lynn R. Mitchell

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) announced on Monday that several potential alternate routes had been identified for the interstate natural gas pipeline through Nelson County and parts of Augusta and Buckingham counties. Letters were being sent immediately to landowners along the alternatives seeking their permission to survey, noting that surveys are the only way to understand fully the potential benefits and constraints of these potential alternatives. The alternate routes are in addition to the proposed route.

The ACP will host an informational open house on these alternate routes on Thursday, March 5, at a time and location to be determined.

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The Popcorn Man victorious with Augusta County Board of Zoning Appeals

7a1f1-23By Lynn R. Mitchell

It was the last item on Thursday’s agenda at the Augusta County Board of Zoning Appeals meeting. Everyone else left so only supporters of Ronald King were left to address the board toward the end of the public hearing. Mr. King, owner of King’s Gourmet Popcorn on Afton Mountain, was questioned by the board and then two members of the public spoke on his behalf.

It was officially listed on the agenda:

A request by Ronald King, for a Special Use Permit to have outdoor storage and display in conjunction with a food service vehicle on property owned by Skyline Swannanoa, Inc., located at 5186 Howardsville Turnpike, Afton, in the South River District.

In lay language, he needed a special use permit to remain in operation in addition to his business license and health department clearance.

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Tonight: World record Appalachian Trail hiker in Staunton

While hiking in Australia, Jennifer Pharr Davis encountered a five-foot-tall emu on the trail running straight toward her, an encounter she didn’t think would end well. At the last minute, she said, the emu veered off the trail but she had seen her life flash before her eyes.

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