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Arizona GOP smacks down tea party resolution to censor Sen. McCain

Republican elephantBy Lynn R. Mitchell

Arizona Republicans showed leadership over the weekend when they smacked down a resolution censoring U.S. Senator John McCain. As one Arizona Republican noted on Facebook, “Sanity wins again, and lunatics walked out like always as sore losers.”

It was tea party-Libertarian versus Republicans, again:

It was a tough weekend for Tyler Bowyer and his boss, AJ LaFaro.

One week after LaFaro and Bowyer disregarded their own bylaws in order to pursue the same destructive, divisive tactics that have plagued the MCRC for over a decade, order was restored at the Arizona Republican Party Mandatory meeting on Saturday.

This was a completely different meeting from last Saturday, when chaos reigned, bylaws were ignored and a “kangaroo court” removed two hard working officers from the executive committee, a blatantly illegal “non-endorsement” of Senator McCain was passed and botched processes ruled the day.

Indeed, this last weekend’s State meeting was a welcome relief and a sign that the Republican Party does indeed possess the leadership and unity to win Republican elections in Arizona.

In Arizona, it’s not the first time Libertarian tea partiers have gone after McCain — they were smacked down in the past, too. The Arizona meeting ended with cheers from the pro-McCain forces:

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