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Artist: Trace Adkins
Music by Jeremy Spillman — Lyrics by Dave Turnbull

This song was inspired when lyricist and Virginia Tech graduate Dave Turnbull heard the story of a young Tennessee U.S. Marine, Corporal Patrick Nixon, who was killed in action during Operation Iraqi Freedom on March 23, 2003.  He was laid to rest in Arlington Cemetery. After a chance encounter in Nashville with Corporal Nixon’s father who said he had just returned from burying his son at Arlington,  Turnbull felt inspired to write the song.

Teaming up with Jerry Spillman who wrote the melody, they put the story to music to honor those who had died to protect America. The haunting melody and lyrics reflect the thoughts of a soldier who died on the battlefield and was laid to rest on that sacred ground along with thousands of others who paid the ultimate price for freedom.

In 2006 Mr. Turnbull, a successful lyricist in Nashville, sent a framed copy of the lyrics to his cousin, then-chairman of the Augusta County Republican Committee Kurt Michael, who delivered it to the mother of a fallen Augusta County Marine. Memorial Day 2016 … may we never forget.

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