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Lawsuits dismissed; Dominion allowed to survey for pipeline

Pipeline mapBy Lynn R. Mitchell

A federal judge has dismissed two lawsuits that aimed to block the Atlantic Coast Pipeline from surveying private property without the landowners’ permission.

In a pair of opinions issued late Wednesday, U.S. District Court Judge Elizabeth K. Dillon dismissed suits filed by landowners in Nelson and Augusta counties that challenged a 2004 state law giving natural gas companies the right to enter private property without landowner permission to survey proposed pipeline routes.

Read more in the Richmond Times-Dispatch.


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Atlantic Coast Pipeline open house

Atlantic Coast Pipelines -- Nelson County alternate routesBy Lynn R. Mitchell

With new proposed routes provided on Monday for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, Dominion will hold an informational open house for the Nelson County alternate routes on Thursday, March 5, 2015, from 5-7:30 p.m. The open house will take place at Nelson County High School, 6919 Thomas Nelson Hwy. (Rt. 29), Lovingston, VA 22949.

For more information about the alternate routes and a map, see Atlantic Coast Pipeline announces alternate routes in Nelson County.

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Atlantic Coast Pipeline announces alternate routes in Nelson County

Atlantic Coast Pipelines -- Nelson County alternate routesBy Lynn R. Mitchell

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) announced on Monday that several potential alternate routes had been identified for the interstate natural gas pipeline through Nelson County and parts of Augusta and Buckingham counties. Letters were being sent immediately to landowners along the alternatives seeking their permission to survey, noting that surveys are the only way to understand fully the potential benefits and constraints of these potential alternatives. The alternate routes are in addition to the proposed route.

The ACP will host an informational open house on these alternate routes on Thursday, March 5, at a time and location to be determined.

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Augusta County public hearing for Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Pipeline mapBy Lynn R. Mitchell

The Augusta County Government Center and Board of Supervisors will host a public hearing tonight for the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline that begins in West Virginia and runs through Augusta County on its way to North Carolina.

Dominion Power has held many open houses addressing the concerns of residents who question or outright oppose a pipeline. It will be interesting tonight to see if any proponents are in the audience to join the organized anti-pipeline crowd.

The public hearing begins at 7:00 in Verona.


7:00: Meeting is now underway. All supervisors are here as well as staff. Rules for speaking have been given to the full room including requesting respectful comments. A 15-minute break will be taken at 9:00.

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‘Drill here, drill now’ proponents change tune with local pipeline

Pipeline mapBy Lynn R. Mitchell

Hypocrisy among energy proponents? From “Drill here, drill now,” to “Not In My Back Yard,” some change tune when energy is offered close to home. Naysayers are loud and vocal. Others move along with life. Too bad we can’t put it to the people and let them vote on it….

See more about the pipeline: Federal presence galvanizes pipeline open house by Bob Stuart.

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Special Issue: LynnRMitchell.com writers, guests discuss Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Pipeline mapBy Lynn R. Mitchell

Today at LynnRMitchell.com, we are looking at the Atlantic Coast Pipeline issue that has stirred opinions both for and against in Augusta County and elsewhere. Posts from guest writers and regular contributors include Augusta County supervisors, citizens, information from Dominion, and an editorial cartoon.

Here is the list of articles in today’s Special Pipeline Issue:

Previous articles on the pipeline:


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Atlantic Coast Pipeline: Better ways to the same end

51069ac2dcc4a.imageBy Tracy Pyles
Supervisor, Pastures District, Augusta County
Guest Post

The “no-pipeline” slogan fits nicely on 2-inch buttons and yard signs but is an incomplete statement of attitude.  Most of us realize pipelines, whether 1, 2, or 3, will be approved to cross Virginia, destined for the Atlantic coast, in the next 5 years.  The challenge is to insure that these pipelines are smartly placed where they can serve their intended purposes while limiting their impact on the environment, the least risk to our people and force-take the least amount of private property.

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Dominion, environmentalists, and pipeline hypocrisy

Joel Salatin 1By Joel Salatin
Owner, Polyface Farm
Guest Post

This is acute for people in our locality, but has broad applications for similar tensions around the country. Dominion (sounds ominous, no?) is a large energy development company in Virginia (Old Dominion) proposing to install a 42-inch high pressure gas line from West Virginia fracking fields down to North Carolina and out to Yorktown (a major seaport).

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Augusta County: Too valuable and vulnerable for this pipeline?

Nancy SorrellsBy Nancy Sorrells
Augusta County Alliance Co-chair
Guest Post

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline, championed by Dominion and the governor of Virginia, has been grabbing a lot of headlines lately, as it should. One of the most significant proposed land-use issues in Augusta County’s history needs to be carefully studied from all angles. Knee jerk simplistic reactions, whether they be anti-pipeline “nimby-ism” or pro-pipeline comments such as “you like your electricity, don’t you?” really have no place in Augusta County’s discussion. This is much bigger and far more complicated than that.

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Dominion’s Growth – What, Why, How, and Controlling Features

Calvin LucyBy Calvin T. Lucy Jr.
Guest Post

I would like to explain my opinion of the what and why of Dominion Resources’ general philosophy in dealing with customers, under any and all circumstances. Dominion’s basic business is service. I write from 40 years’ experience (1948-1988) of employment by Vepco – now a Dominion subsidiary —  to provide that service.

I am a Virginia Tech educated electrical engineer  — major electronics, minor 60 cycle power systems. By virtue of the well planned internal training philosophy of the company, my job varied functionally, first as an FCC licensed mobile-radio technician, through the ranks of electric distribution and transmission, electrical operations (at the Outer Banks and northeast North Carolina), human resources, executive level administration, information technology, business systems analysis, telecommunications and staff engineering.

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Dominion Virginia Power pipeline in Augusta County

David KaraffaBy David Karaffa, Contributor
Supervisor, Beverley Manor District, Augusta County

On August 13th at the Board of Supervisors regular meeting, we had representatives from Dominion Virginia Power come and give a presentation about their proposed underground natural gas pipeline that will transect Augusta County. There were over 350 citizens in attendance at the meeting.

First, I would like to say thank you to Dominion and to all of those that showed up for the meeting. All of the information and input was helpful to better understanding the proposal, answer some very important questions, and allow for our citizens to express their concerns about the project.

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What if Dominion Virginia Power ran high speed internet with Atlantic Coast Pipeline?

Pipeline mapBy Lynn R. Mitchell

What if the proposed natural gas pipeline running through Augusta County and beyond had fiber optics buried along with it? For those who have advocated opening rural areas to high speed internet, perhaps the answer is to partner with the pipeline. Rumor has it that Dominion could be open to that possibility. High speed internet … Atlantic Coast Pipeline. What do you think?

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Schedule for 2015 Dominion Atlantic Coast Pipeline open houses

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Dominion has scheduled the next round of informational open houses for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. These informational, come-and-go open houses will be identical to the ones that occurred in September, with display tables staffed by subject matter experts, project overview and county-level maps showing the updated proposed route and informational materials about the environment and other topics of the project.

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Myths & facts about Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Pipeline mapFrom Dominion Resources….

Dominion’s plan to build the Atlantic Coast Pipeline to provide affordable, environmentally friendly natural gas to our region has received broad and strong support. Still, we have a responsibility to make sure everyone knows the facts about this project.

Myth: The pipeline will move natural gas so it can be exported overseas.
Fact: The pipeline will serve customers in West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina—period. Natural gas moved by the pipeline will not be exported. In fact, no facilities exist along the route to make exporting possible.

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