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Live-blogging Augusta County Mass Meeting – UPDATED

GOP elephants fightingBy Lynn R. Mitchell

9:00am: It’s Saturday morning and we’re live as Augusta County Republicans are gathering at their mass meeting to vote on a chairman, reconstitute the committee, and elect a variety of delegates. (See the Call here.) The 10am meeting is expected to draw a couple of hundred participants.

News-Virginian political reporter Bob Stuart has a good background post (see Saturday’s election will decide Augusta GOP leadership).

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Augusta County calls mass meeting for faux 24th senate district convention

Republican elephantBy Lynn R. Mitchell

Another waste of time? This one, however, is closed — if you didn’t prefile by March 27, you cannot attend. Closed proceedings to electe “delegates” to a closed convention. And the beat goes on. (See Primary, or convention in 24th Senate District? and ‘First they came for the volunteers, and I did not speak out’).

OFFICIAL CALL of Augusta County Republican Committee

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Augusta County: Carol Brydge wins GOP nod for Clerk of Court special election

By Lynn R. Mitchell

In a specially-called Republican mass meeting Thursday night, Carol Brydge won the party’s nomination to run in the Clerk of Court special election on March 31.

Mrs. Brydge was appointed to the position in December after former Clerk John B. Davis stepped aside one year before the end of his term. The special election is required by state law, and the general election will be held in November.

On Friday Mrs. Brydge thanked her supporters:

Thanks to all who braved the cold and came out to support me at the Republican Mass Meeting. I received the republican nomination. Now I need your support at the special election on March 31.

For background see Augusta County Mass Meeting Thursday for Clerk of Court, Carol Brydge to seek nomination.

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Augusta County Mass Meeting Thursday for Clerk of Court, Carol Brydge to seek nomination

By Lynn R. Mitchell

On Thursday, February 19, 2015, a specially-called mass meeting will be held for Augusta County Clerk of Court at 6:00 p.m. to determine the Republican nominee to run in the special election to be held on Tuesday, March 31, 2015. THIS MEETING WILL TAKE PLACE AT THE AUGUSTA COUNTY CIRCUIT COURT IN STAUNTON, not at the Government Center.

On December 19, 2014, Carol Brydge was sworn in as Clerk of Court after being appointed to fill the unexpired term of office of former Clerk of Court John B. Davis. She will be seeking the Republican nomination to run in the March Special Election.

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Augusta GOP Chair Dan Moxley calls it quits

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Perhaps signaling a seriousness in his challenge for the state senate seat currently held by Senator Emmett Hanger, Dan Moxley resigned Monday as chairman of the Augusta County Republican Committee.

Or his resignation could be from pressure from others brought about by his ill-advised challenge (see Rumor has it coup to take place tonight at Augusta County GOP meeting) to Supervisor Carolyn Bragg when he announced a last-minute cancellation of the mass meeting that resulted in confusion but brought out determined Bragg supporters who overwhelmingly voted her in as the GOP nominee for November (see Augusta County follow-up to rumor of coup attempt).

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Updated: Augusta County GOP follow-up to rumor of coup attempt

ExplosionBy Lynn R. Mitchell

Coup, or no coup for the Augusta County Republican Committee (see Rumor has it coup to take place tonight at Augusta County GOP meeting)? As of 10:00 p.m. Tuesday night, there had been a filibuster by chairman Dan Moxley that included hours of discussion about last week’s failed attempt to keep Supervisor Carolyn Bragg off the ballot for GOP nominee in the November election (see Mass meeting still on despite questionable actions by Augusta County GOP chair Moxley, former chair  Bill Shirley). No business was conducted. People were leaving in droves after three hours of what has been status quo for this committee.

News-Virginian political reporter Bob Stuart was in attendance (see Augusta County GOP faces inner turmoil).

From reports coming out of the meeting (I missed it because we were enroute from Richmond to Augusta County), here is a summary of what happened up until around 10:00 pm:

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Rumor has it coup to take place tonight at Augusta County GOP meeting

ExplosionBy Lynn R. Mitchell

The boiling, dysfunctional tempest that is the Augusta County Republican Committee for the past six years under the leadership of former chairman Bill Shirley and now Dan Moxley will probably explode tonight at their monthly meeting.

After last week’s tricks by Shirley and Moxley to try and manipulate the nominating process for county supervisor, illegally disqualifying one candidate to leave only their candidate — a move that was ruled out of order by RPV — they were successful in doing something that has been missing for six years: they united the elected officials to finally publicly express outrage at the illegal goings-on (that have been occurring since Shirley took office six years ago) and do something. Their candidate won.

For example, Delegate Steve Landes, who was for Carolyn Bragg, wrote on my Facebook:

Steve Landes facebook comments

“This is America, not the Soviet Union,” Landes concluded in his remarks.

Now rumor has it there is a planned coup for tonight’s Augusta County Republican Committee meeting to overturn the chairmanship of Moxley and place their own candidate in office. Will they be successful? Watch for fireworks in the western skies of Virginia when the meeting gets underway at 7:00 p.m. at the Government Center in Verona.

This could have been avoided in March if they had fielded a candidate against Moxley, the hand-chosen successor by Bill Shirley. Moxley moved from Bath County, where he was vice chair and then chairman, to Augusta County to run against Emmett Hanger. Congressman Bob Goodlatte’s office staff called around in March trying to find a candidate including one to me at the eleventh hour — four days before the deadline — and although I made a suggestion to them, they didn’t follow through. Trixie Averill, who knows this area extremely well from her many years of field work in the 6th District, was never asked for suggestions.

And so Dan Moxley walked into the office unopposed. He, the man who was guest speaker at a GOP meeting three years ago and talked about seceding from the union. I looked at a friend sitting next to me and asked, “Is this a GOP meeting, or a tea party meeting?”

That was the man who became chairman of Augusta County.

So tonight the reputed coup is flaunting the name of Jim Hinton, a local. Though not a member of the committee, he has served on the Augusta County electoral board with Ruth Talmage, both of whom would be in Senator Hanger’s corner.

Get your popcorn ready because this should be good.

UPDATE: Augusta County GOP follow-up to rumor of coup attempt

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