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Business as usual for Campbell County ‘Republicans’

Beck StanleyBy Beck Stanley
Guest Post

Like a reignited lynch mob, Campbell County infighters are fabricating troublesome accusations against well-established conservative Zach Martin. As a committed Republican, I don’t typically comment on matters of infighting because it’s destructive to the party, but he recent actions of Eric Zehr and Rick Boyer must serve as a clear warning to anyone associated with the current leadership of the Campbell County Republican Committee: they eat their own.

And they’re always hungry.

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Trump’s political pendulum strategy

Beck StanleyBy Beck Stanley
Guest Post

The man who claims to be the greatest deal-maker in America is in high-stakes negotiations with the electoral college.

The brief analysis in this piece assumes a lingering, never-ending influence from the self-proclaimed billionaire, even when he loses the GOP nomination. By spending enough to garner one of two long-term outcomes, he is on the cusp of making himself the deciding factor in 2016: a swinging, unpredictable political pendulum. Assuming a third-party bid from Trump, he could:

1) Assist the GOP: Target only a select number of states, pulling just enough electoral votes to block either side from reaching the necessary 270, effectively handing the election of POTUS to the House, where state majority delegations each get one vote; and the election of Vice President to the Senate, where each Senator gets one vote (presumably would select a Republican). This has not occurred since John Quincy Adams’s 1824 election, and only once before that, in 1800, when Jefferson was selected over Burr.

2)  Assist the LEFT: He spreads out his money advantage across the entire country to pull smaller blocks of votes off the GOP’s candidate, effectively handing the electoral college to the left.

Electoral College tie explanation can be found here (see An Electoral College tie, explained).

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