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Republican Party of Bedford supports disenfranchising local voters

GOP elephants fightingBy Lee Walker
Guest Post

Saturday in Charlottesville the Republican Party of Bedford supported the use of a Convention to pick the next Congressman for the 5th Congressional District. Some of you may say “so what, how does that affect me.” In a Primary every registered voter can voice their decision either in-person in the voting booth or by absentee ballot. In this Convention there will traditionally be approximately 1200 to 1500 delegates who show up as opposed to the approximate 124,000 actual Republican Voters who did vote in the 5th District in 2014. These political activists will meet in Nelson County on May 14, 2016 to choose the Republican Nominee for this November’s General Election.

If you are not one of Bedford’s 450 allowed proportional delegates, you do not get a voice in the decision. If you do not register as a delegate, you are excluded. If you cannot take off from work for the day long Convention, you are excluded. If you are elderly and normally vote by absentee ballot, you are excluded. If you serve this country in the military overseas or out of the Commonwealth, you must jump through several complicated, archaic political hoops or you are excluded. Before you become indignant about being excluded from the process to exercise your rights, let me give you the reasoning that the political extremists here in Bedford County use to disenfranchise you.

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