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Politics: Friends, allies, and betrayals

By Lynn R. Mitchell

While reading the news wrap-ups this morning about Governor Bob McDonnell’s trial that is underway in Richmond, something he said struck a nerve with me. He noted that he had thought Jonnie Williams, who received blanket immunity from federal prosecutors and turned on the McDonnells, was a true friend.

I wrote on my Facebook status:

All of us have at least one “Jonnie Williams” in our lives — those people we trusted as friends who turned on us, plunging a knife deeply in our backs. They will live with the knowledge of that betrayal the rest of their lives. If you are lucky to have one true friend in politics, you are indeed lucky. They are rare.

In politics we have allies. They are with us until they aren’t. They aren’t our friends and will plunge a knife in our backs in a heartbeat to better their position, side with those in power at the time, or to climb on our backs to reach a higher rung on the ladder.

A true friend is a gift from God. Our job is to recognize them.

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