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Photos #3 – Burgers with Bill: Mitt Romney

??????????Husband, father, grandfather … Governor, Presidential candidate … mentor, friend, elder statesman, church member, entrepreneur, philanthropist. Mitt Romney has proven he was the leader America needed in times such as these. Tuesday he was in Richmond to advance the candidacy of Ed Gillespie, Virginia’s Republican U.S. Senatorial candidate, at the “Burgers for Bill.” He was asked over and over if would run for president again … he told the press no when they asked. Smiling, he patiently posed for countless photos

??????????Ed Gillespie, Mitt Romney, and Bill Bolling addressed the crowd of more than 400 friends and allies.

??????????(More photos after the fold.)

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Photos #2 – Burgers with Bill … faces in the crowd

??????????Two friends … Bob and Bill. The crowd sang “Happy Birthday” for these two whose birthdays were June 15. (In the background are Davis Rennolds, Charlie Judd, and others.) More photos after the fold….

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Photos #1 – Burgers with Bill … Bolling, Romney, Gillespie, McDonnell joined by 400 guests

??????????The 20th Annual “Burgers with Bill” was a highlight event Tuesday at Innsbrook on the western edges of Richmond with more than 400 friends and allies attending as guests of former Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling and his wife Jean Ann. The Bollings continued the event this year as an appreciation dinner for those who have traveled the journey with them through 22 years of elected office. The LG was joined by Republican U.S. Senate candidate Ed Gillespie and Governor Mitt Romney who was the GOP U.S. Presidential nominee in 2012 and remains extremely popular with Republicans nationwide. (See Burgers with Bill tonight … hottest ticket in UVA headlining Bill Bolling, Mitt Romney, Ed Gillespie.)

??????????“Mitt Romney. Go, Ed!”
Governor Romney signed the bus, a tradition with the Gillespie campaign at events throughout the Commonwealth. Others in the crowd signed, too, finding room among other familiar Republican signatures.

??????????Governor Mitt Romney and Dr. Kurt Michael. (More photos after the fold.)

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Burgers with Bill tonight … hottest ticket in RVA headlining Bill Bolling, Mitt Romney, Ed Gillespie

Bill Bolling 7 Mitt Romney

For 20 years, Bill Bolling — former Virginia Lieutenant Governor, state Senator, and Hanover County supervisor — has gathered with friends and supporters in June near the date of his birthday on the 15th for Burgers with Bill, a casual cookout fundraiser. Tonight is the 20th anniversary of that event and it’s an invitation-only evening in Richmond, compliments of Bolling’s Mainstream Virginia Project. With temperatures soaring into the 90s, it is literally the hottest ticket in town with hundreds expected to attend.

Two special guests will be part of the birthday festivities. Former Massachusetts Governor and U.S. Presidential candidate Mitt Romney will join his long-time friend who served as Virginia state chairman of his 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns.

Also joining them will be Virginia U.S. Senate candidate Ed Gillespie, which is another reunion. In the 2012 election night opening scene of the documentary movie “Mitt”  that had cameras following Mitt Romney and his family during the 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns, there was a familiar face, Ed Gillespie, who was a senior adviser to Romney during the 2012 campaign. So tonight it seems only fitting that Ed will join Mitt who will join Bill.

In May, Bill Bolling wrote a Facebook post announcing this year’s event:

Pleased to announce that the 20th annual Burgers With Bill will be held on Tuesday, June 17. Even more pleased to announce that our special guest will be Governor Mitt Romney! I really appreciate Mitt coming to Virginia to help me thank my friends for all you’ve done for Jean Ann and me over the years. Stay tuned for more details.

It will be a fun evening with friends and a great opportunity to meet Governor Romney. Fire up the grill!

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Happy Birthday, Bob and Bill!

By Lynn R. Mitchell


Sending birthday greetings today to former Governor Bob McDonnell and former Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling. I always thought it was kind of neat that they shared a birthday just as they shared leadership in Virginia. Best wishes for a fantastic day in the beautiful Commonwealth of Virginia!

(The photo is one I took during Bill Bolling’s Bloggers Day in 2011 at reception in the Governor’s Mansion.)

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Bill Bolling appointed to JMU Board of Visitors

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Governor Terry McAuliffe announced his latest round of appointments and a familiar name was one of them. Under the James Madison University Board of Visitors:

The Honorable William T. Bolling, of Mechanicsville, Senior Vice President and Managing Director for RCM&D and former Lieutenant Governor of Virginia.

The Bollings’ son Kevin graduated from James Madison, and Bill and Jean Ann have been faithful supporters of the university and attend many football games throughout the season. My son graduated with the JMU Class of 2007. It’s good to have someone who will serve well in that position. Congratulations to the LG!

Other appointments from the Governor to Virginia’s college and university Boards of Visitors and higher education boards are:

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Burgers with Bill … Bolling and Romney together again – UPDATED

Bill Bolling 7 Mitt RomneyBy Lynn R. Mitchell

Former Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling posted Tuesday night on his Facebook page:

Pleased to announce that the 20th annual Burgers With Bill will be held on Tuesday, June 17. Even more pleased to announce that our special guest will be Governor Mitt Romney! I really appreciate Mitt coming to Virginia to help me thank my friends for all you’ve done for Jean Ann and me over the years. Stay tuned for more details.

Burgers with Bill will be a great opportunity for Bill Bolling and Mitt Romney supporters to spend time with two respected Republican leaders. Mark your calendars!

More from Andrew Cain at the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

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Bill Bolling in RTD: ‘Time to resolve the debate over Medicaid expansion’

???????????????????????????????By Lynn R. Mitchell

In a guest column printed in Saturday’s Richmond Times-Dispatch, former Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling called for an end to the Medicaid expansion stand-off between the Governor and the General Assembly. Acknowledging that it’s a complicated issue that needs compromise from all sides, Bolling wrote:

First, the issues are very complex, and difficult for most people to fully understand. Read a primer on the intricacies of how coverage expansion would work and you’re likely to come away scratching your head.

Second, there are legitimate points that have been made by both sides in this debate. There is no right or wrong way to look at this issue. There are just differing ways, and both sides of the debate have offered reasonable arguments in support of their respective positions.

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Steve Rossie, lobbyist and blogger

By Lynn R. Mitchell

I wanted to share this nice bio about my friend Steve Rossie who is lobbyist and blogger for the Family Foundation. It was written by Roger Pogge who is the Family Foundation’s grassroots director.

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Courtesy on the internet

You're outBy Lynn R. Mitchell

The subject of courtesy on the internet has been an issue with me since I first began blogging in 2006. It was different in those days because nasty attacks came from Democrats — vile comments left on conservative blog posts and liberals writing over-the-top posts about Republican candidates.

Fast forward to today when there’s a civil war raging within the Republican Party especially in Virginia. It has given rise to a new crop of internet abusers spewing vitriolic sewage on Facebook and blogs. They have used Facebook to complain endlessly over lost contests and perceived injustices, making nasty personal comments about Republicans who are in public office, running for leadership positions, and those who support them.

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Bill Bolling: ‘Battle taking place for heart and soul of Republican Party’

???????????????????????????????Former Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling released a statement on the results of today’s Republican 7th District Chair race:

“I was extremely disappointed to hear of the results of today’s 7th district Republican Convention. Linwood Cobb has served our party well for years, and he deserved to be re-elected as the 7th district’s Republican Chair.

“Clearly, there is a battle taking place for the heart and soul of the Republican Party. We are seeing this battle play out all across our state. While the voice of every Republican should be heard, our challenge is to figure out how to be a conservative party, without allowing the most extreme voices of the day to control our party and determine its future direction.

“I remain committed to aggressive efforts to reform the Republican Party and get it back to a more mainstream place. If we cannot accomplish this, we will drive away more and more traditional Republicans and it will become almost impossible for us to reach out to the broader cross section of Virginians whose support we need to win elections and earn the right to lead.”

Linwood Cobb was the hardest working Republican district chairman in the state of Virginia, raising almost $1 million for Republicans, holding two of the top three Republican events in the state (behind the Virginia State Convention), and building the party in a way that will now be lost. It’s a sad day for Republicans.

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Bill Bolling gives $15,000 to upgrade RPV technology


By Lynn R. Mitchell

In what the Republican Party of Virginia described as a donation to help fund a major digital overhaul, former Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling has donated $15,000 to the cash-strapped organization. The move is part of preparation underway for the looming November election and the Republicans’ desire to topple Virginia U.S. Senator Mark Warner.

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