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FitzSimmonds is no-show at SCC meeting … Moulton carries proxy

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Embattled treasurer of the Republican Party of Virginia, Bob FitzSimmonds, was a no-show at today’s State Central Committee meeting in Richmond. In his place was Russ Moulton carrying FitzSimmonds’ proxy. FitzSimmonds has been called upon to resign his position in GOP leadership after making the latest of a series of politically insensitive blunders on Facebook and though he professed to have “resigned” after coming under fire, today’s no-show and declaration to “resign” when a successor is found put it in question (see Brian Schoeneman’s FitzSimmonds’ “resignation” is a farce).

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Schoeneman is right: ‘SCC shouldn’t let misguided priorities cost us much needed wins’

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Welcome to the era of Virginia’s new political establishment – it’s not about electing Republicans, it’s about internal power struggles and glorified arguments over parliamentary procedure. — Brian Schoeneman

The ink was barely dry on Brian Schoeneman’s truthful, well-written piece at Bearing Drift (see SCC shouldn’t let misguided priorities cost us much needed wins) when one of the usual suspects who throws verbal stink bombs all over the place stopped by to lob yet another, proving exactly what Brian had written, and it was quickly followed by another.

The crux of the matter is Saturday’s State Central Committee meeting in Richmond that has members wanting to continue the internal squabbling rather than concentrate on a very important election cycle leading to November:

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RPV’s Mike Thomas calls for treasurer FitzSimmonds to resign

GOP elephantBy Lynn R. Mitchell

Mike Thomas, First Vice Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia, has called for the resignation of GOP treasurer Bob FitzSimmonds, former aide to Ken Cuccinelli and currently chief deputy clerk of court in Prince William County, after inflammatory remarks made by FitzSimmonds earlier in the week about Muslim Americans (see Va. GOP treasurer is said to offer resignation after Facebook post on Muslims).

In a Facebook post Friday morning, Thomas, who is one of the most widely-respected Republicans in the Commonwealth, noted the responsibility of those in leadership who represent RPV:

Freedom of Religion is just as much a part of our Constitution as Freedom of Speech. What is missing here is responsibility. Any individual is entitled to express his or her opinions on a subject. I will defend their right to do so, even when I disagree with it. BUT, if the individual is an officer or leader of the Republican Party, they have a RESPONSIBILITY to the Party to conduct themselves in a way that is respectful of others and accurately reflects the values of the Party.

Regrettably, the RPV Treasurer has not, in my opinion, exercised this responsibility as an officer of RPV through repeated public comments that are at best not respectful of others and not reflective of the Party, and he should step down as Treasurer.

Thomas joins others in the party calling for FitzSimmonds’ resignation including Republican Speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates William Howell.

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