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Jeb Bush clear, concise, forceful in 4th presidential debate – Updated

Jeb Bush

Photo by Lynn R. Mitchell

By Lynn R. Mitchell




As seen in the tweets above, Jeb Bush brought it to the debate stage Tuesday night with his sizable arsenal of knowledge and experience on issues concerning the economy, energy, the Veterans Administration, and other concerns of Americans. From his very first response, it was obvious he was on, and ready to face not only his opponents but to hit the trail for the weeks that lay ahead leading to the 2016 presidential primaries.

The New York Times was very impressed with his performance, noting (see A nimbler Jeb Bush turns feisty. But is it enough?):

This was a hungrier Jeb Bush.

Donald J. Trump had just finished a breezy, boastful and hard-to-follow explanation of how he would take on the Islamic State, tossing in a curiously admiring aside about Vladimir V. Putin’s performance on television.

Suddenly a voice rose from his right.

“Donald is wrong,” said Mr. Bush, uncharacteristically interjecting before the debate moderators could move on.

Mr. Bush said it again, more emphatically. “He is absolutely wrong on this.”

Mr. Trump had blithely suggested that he would happily stand aside and let others, such as Mr. Putin, Russia’s president, sort out the messy Middle East.

Mr. Bush looked into the camera and did what he has long resisted: He ridiculed Mr. Trump as naïve and unsophisticated.

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Fox News anchor Bret Baier signs new deal

Bret Baier 1By Lynn R. Mitchell

Fox News anchor Bret Baier, 44, will be staying with the network through the foreseeable future (see Bret Baier re-ups with Fox News by Dylan Byers). Baier “has signed a new multi-year deal that will see him staying on as the network’s chief political anchor and host of Special Report,” according to Politico:

“As one of the most trusted anchors in the industry, Bret’s work ethic and style have played an integral role in the leadership of our Washington bureau and the success of the network,” Fox News chairman and CEO Roger Ailes said in a statement. “We are proud that his strong journalistic instincts and political expertise will be a part of Fox News throughout our 2016 election coverage and for many years to come.”

Baier is scheduled to continue as anchor of the 6pm “Special Report” news broadcast that he has hosted since Brit Hume’s retirement in 2009, and will co-anchor 2016 presidential election coverage as well as co-moderate the Republican Debate from Cleveland on August 6.

Baier became familiar to the Fox News audience while covering the 2000 presidential campaign’s aftermath when hanging chads and the intention of voters became the 24/7 news cycle. His reporting from precincts revisiting multiple ballots with “hanging chads” was the cause of his nickname, “Chad Lad.”

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