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Jason Miyares – Fullfilling Purkey’s Mission for Diversity

Brian Kirwin 2By Brian Kirwin
Guest Post
Originally posted at Bearing Drift

Anyone involved in Virginia Beach politics has heard speeches of the now-retired Del. Bob Purkey. Anyone very involved has heard them hundreds of times. The supremely involved can recite them verbatim.

One thing Del. Bob Purkey always said goes like this:

“Diversity is the future of this country and the future of this party”

He meant it. In endorsing Bill DeSteph two years ago, Del. Purkey said “diversity is the future of America, Virginia, and the 82nd House of Delegates District.”

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Bob McDonnell, Frontier Culture Museum appointment, and me

Frontier Culture Museum 2By Lynn R. Mitchell

Over my desk hangs a framed document signed by Governor Bob McDonnell when I was appointed in 2010 to the Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia’s Board of Trustees. That was Bob McDonnell fitting a hand into a glove, and it had nothing to do with money or power. I didn’t ask to be appointed; in fact, I had never asked for any appointments in all my years of volunteering for the Republican Party.

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Laura Ingraham: We should have traded Eric Cantor for Bergdahl

By Lynn R. Mitchell

“I was thinking about this prisoner swap. I kind of wish that President Obama would have thought this through a little bit more. Instead of sending five Taliban MVPs over there, he could have just traded one Eric Cantor.” –Laura Ingraham, conservative talk show host

What is she thinking? She is suggesting one of the most powerful leaders in United States government — the second most powerful Republican, no less — be traded to the Taliban, even if in jest.

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Guest Post: ‘I Support Eric Cantor’

Brian KirwinBy Brian Kirwin
Contributor, Bearing Drift

[Editor’s note: ‘I Support Eric Cantor’ was originally published on April 16, 2014. Reprinted with permission of the author and Bearing Drift.]

It is a profoundly telling statement on the sorry state of the Virginia blogosphere that one of the most controversial statements a Virginia blogger can make is that he supports the highest ranking elected Virginia Republican in the country.

I support Eric Cantor. I look at those who want to throw him out of office with a look of “What are you? Nuts?”

Eric Cantor is Second-in-Command in the House of Representatives, a stone’s throw away from Speaker of the House. Know when the last time a Virginia Republican was Speaker of the House of Representatives?

Never! Never ever.

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20 made-up lies about Eric Cantor … and the truth

Eric Cantor 8By Lynn R. Mitchell

Lies and rumors about Congressman Eric Cantor have been widely distributed by tea party candidate Dave Brat’s supporters. As we near the June 10 primary for the 7th Congressional District, it’s time to set the record straight. Here’s the truth from Brian Schoeneman in response to 20 lies about Eric Cantor that were posted in the Bearing Drift comments from a Dave Brat supporter (see Liberal professor David Brat pulls a two-face two-step by Brian Kirwin).

Lie #1: Eric Cantor made insider trading illegal for Americans, but exempted his family members.

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