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Holiday air travel leaves flyers high and dry

By Lynn R. Mitchell

A childhood friend’s daughter was trying to return to Chicago from Richmond after the Christmas holiday. This was not the way it should be and, unfortunately, it’s like this for far too many people. Here was the nightmare scenario with a humorous spin that was posted on Facebook Tuesday afternoon:

Can you beat this airline adventure? Because of past experiences at the RIA airport, we left for the airport at 5:15 AM  Monday so Kate would have plenty of time to navigate lines for her 7:30 AM flight. She texted 10 minutes later and requested that I come pick her up. Flight had been canceled and she had been reissued a new 5PM ticket to Chicago via Charlotte.
She did fly out at 5PM to be told in Charlotte that the 2nd leg was canceled and the earliest she could get out of Charlotte was Wednesday morning with no provision of any sleeping arrangement for 2 nights. After speaking with several supervisors, she was sent back to Richmond Monday night with a ticket in hand for an 8 AM flight this morning (Tuesday).
Due to no pilot, the 8 AM flight was delayed until 1 PM which is now delayed to possibly 2:30 PM but they are in need of a stewardess. Kate has offered to change careers.
Please pray they find someone they consider qualified for that job! And please also pray that she can reconnect with her suitcase which DID GET TO CHICAGO LAST NIGHT FROM CHARLOTTE!
I love every minute she is home but know she meant to be back at her job yesterday morning.  So appreciate her spending Christmas with us!!!!!! I think right now she is wishing she was a suitcase!
This tale makes me grateful to be within driving distance of those I wish to visit.
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Get well wishes to George W. Bush after second knee surgery

George W. Bush 11By Lynn R. Mitchell

Former President George W. Bush underwent partial knee replacement surgery over the weekend at Chicago’s Rush University Medical Center, well known for joint surgery, less than two months after he had undergone surgery on his other knee (see George W. Bush has knee surgery). He and former First Lady Laura Bush returned to Dallas on Monday.

In 2004, President Bush gave up running because of knee issues and began mountain biking. These days that includes his annual trek with Wounded Warriors in the fall and, at this rate, it sounds as if he will be in biking form again by October. Here’s looking for another 67 years complete with fresh knees and repaired ticker along with get-well wishes for a speedy recovery.

For more, see Healthtrender’s George W. Bush has knee surgery to partially replace left knee.


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