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Chris Stearns out as GOP 3rd CD chairman

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Chris Stearns unexpectedly resigned Monday night as chairman of the Republican 3rd Congressional District after reportedly being away from his duties for much of the past year pursuing other matters. Stearns came into the GOP as a Libertarian who had been a national and Virginia leader for the Libertarian Campaign for Liberty.


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Libertarian Chris Stearns takes on Republican Reid Nicholson in 3rd District chairman’s race

By Lynn R. Mitchell

It’s decision time for voters in the 3rd Republican Congressional District where Chris Stearns is up for reelection as chairman, a position he has held the past two years.

Stearns, a former national leader from Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty — indeed, Ron Paul himself and his son Rand Paul endorsed Stearns for his short-lived state senate bid where he was soundly defeated — holds many libertarian views such as legalization of drugs, isolationistism, and others listed on the libertarian party platform as Justin Higgins noted over at JH Politics. Check out his post “Matt Kibbe, Chris Stearns, and the GOP’s direction.”

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Justin Higgins: ‘Controversies Compound in 2nd District Debacle’

GOP elephantBy Lynn Mitchell

The amount of disturbing news about irregularities in the 2nd Congressional District continues to grow with the latest post from Justin Higgins at JH Politics as he follows this unfolding story. He wrote yesterday about the College Republican who was refused by Chairman Gary Byler to participate because he had not received a paper notice of her appointment even though he acknowledged receiving an email notification. Justin expands on that aspect of the questionable conduct by Byler:

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