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Jeb Bush’s plan for America after Obama

Jeb Bush bumper stickerBy Lynn R.  Mitchell

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s record during his eight years as governor of Florida include fiscal responsibility, job and economic creation, educational reforms, and much more. Here he writes about his plan for righting America after two terms of Democratic President Barack Obama including replacing Obamacare with a plan that will actually work.

From Governor Jeb Bush:

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The definition of leadership … Jeb Bush

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Former Governor Jeb Bush was one of the most successful governors in Florida history, a purple state where the Democrats outnumbered Republicans. Jeb’s record of leadership is a result of his truthfulness with the citizens of Florida as he faced problems head-on and worked on solutions, the same as he will do as president. #AllInForJeb #Jeb2016


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Mailers … Emmett Hanger reaches into the community

By Lynn R. Mitchell

1At our house, we received a brochure from the Emmett Hanger for Senate campaign on Wednesday in advance of the Republican Primary coming up on Tuesday, June 9. It shared Senator Hanger’s story of growing up in Augusta County, and his work on behalf of the citizens of the 24th Senate District.

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Daniel Cortez: Pics #1 of Jeb Bush at CPAC

By Daniel P. Cortez

Jeb Bush #6 by Daniel CortezTotally Presidential! And over 1,000 young and old from across the nation at his private event.

Jeb Bush 8 by DanielA total mob scene after the most appreciated speaker at CPAC in spite of Sean Hannity’s attempt at “I got you” politics during the Q and A. Bush WAS on point, well received, and sounded totally Presidential. At the private event with Jeb Bush, well over 1,000 supporters from across the nation enthusiastically supported him with chants of “Run Jeb Run.” What a mob scene. I see a well-oiled machine already.

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The propaganda war of words against Jeb Bush – updated

Jeb Bush

Governor Jeb Bush

By Lynn R. Mitchell

It is all becoming clear: some right-of-center people who are determined to undermine Governor Jeb Bush as a serious contender for the GOP presidential nomination have taken to rewriting history and labeling a strong conservative leader as something he’s not. A tea party member said to me on Facebook that Jeb Bush is a “fascist and crony socialist.” That is so ridiculous as to be laughable.

Controversial Loudoun County Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio wrote in the same thread, “Give me a break. Jeb Bush makes vomit smell nice by comparison” (see screen shot below).

Eugene Delgaudio comments about Jeb Bush

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Stephen Moore: ‘The underappreciated Eric Cantor’ … unabashed conservative leader

Eric Cantor 6By Lynn R. Mitchell

Mr. Cantor has been attacked from all sides by political Monday-morning quarterbacks – for supposed arrogance, for ignoring his constituents, for being too moderate, too pro-business, not free-market enough, weak on the border issues, and so on.

… now that it is fashionable to treat Mr. Cantor as the piñata for everything that is wrong in Washington, I’d like to take a moment to do something no one else has done: Defend him.

Economist Stephen Moore does just that as he proceeds to list the many accomplishments of Majority Leader Cantor during his years in conservative leadership (see The underappreciated Eric Cantor):

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