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Jeb 2016 … he’s in!

By Lynn R. Mitchell

The long-awaited announcement was Monday afternoon when former Florida Governor Jeb Bush made it official: He’s in! He is now official a candidate for president of the United States. I live-Facebooked the 1.5-hour announcement that included entertainment, testimonials from friends and co-workers in Florida’s government, and the introduction of his mother, former First Lady Barbara Bush, as well as his wife and children.

If you are a doubter — his name, his family, he’s too moderate, he’s too conservative, he’s too fill-in-the-blank — take a few minutes and read about him in his own words (see Meet Jeb on his official website). I will be writing more about Jeb over the next months, rebutting the mistruths, half-truths, and simple misunderstandings about his stand on immigration, Common Core, and other issues.

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Depends on who gets to define the word ‘conservative’

Commonsense Conservative GOP elephantBy Lynn R. Mitchell

As I sat across the table from a friend earlier this week, our discussion naturally turned to politics.

Both of us held leadership positions and were once very involved with the Augusta County Republican Committee but were pitched out in 2009 by the then-chairman Bill Shirley who illegally purged 56 members, most who to this day remain estranged from the local party (see Augusta County officers resign in protest of 56 purged members).

Many of those 56 still stay in touch including my friend and I who meet regularly throughout the year for lunch.

He looked across at me and said, “I have always considered myself to be a conservative person.”

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Side-by-side comparisons … vote Eric Cantor on June 10th

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Eric Cantor campaignSide-by-side comparisons … the choice is clear. Vote for Majority Leader Eric Cantor on June 10th.


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Cheating is not a conservative value

Mike Thomas 1By Mike Thomas
Guest Post

When did cheating become an acceptable “conservative” value?

There has been a whole lot of talk about slating in party circles recently. It isn’t surprising. While slating has been around a lot longer than I have been involved in Republican politics (since 1976 when I was in high school), over the last decade it has taken place only once or twice each year and not in any larger locality.

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